10 Interesting Ancient China Facts

Wednesday, December 4th 2013. | History

If you love to study about culture and history, look at the ancient China Facts. There are many kinds of arts, ways of life and habit that you can clear from ancient China. This country is considered as the biggest one in the world. It is located in Asia. The climate season in the ancient China can be compared with the one found in North America. In the post below you will find complete facts about ancient China:

Ancient China Facts 1: work

Most ancient people in China worked as a fisher and farmer. There were many kinds of plants that you can find in ancient China.

Ancient China Facts 2: topography

Let’s talk about the topography in China. You can see that this country is filled with deserts, mountain, hills and forests.

Ancient China Facts

Ancient China Facts

Ancient China Facts 3: ruler

Do you know the ruler of ancient China?  The ancient people use the Confucian model when ruling the government. That’s why the ruler of the country was an emperor.

Ancient China Facts 4: selling and buying

Trading was one of the main sources of economic. They traded with other people.  For the bartering activity, the ancient people used the metal coins.

Ancient China Painting

Ancient China Painting

Ancient China Facts 5: Silk

One of the main commodities by ancient China was silk. This material is used to create fabulous clothes, shoes or even bedding. The price of silk was very expensive. The people from the low class in ancient China could not get it.

Ancient China Facts 6: inventions

There are some inventions created from the people from ancient China. Some of them include silk clothes, compass, firework, kites and bronze.

ancient chinese architecture

ancient chinese architecture

Ancient China Facts 7: the Forbidden City

If you like to know the magnificent building of the ancient China, you can visit the Forbidden City.  The palace is wonderful.

Ancient China Facts 8: written language

The people in ancient China had recognized written language. They used symbols and characters to transform the language into written note.

ancient chinese woman

ancient chinese woman

Ancient China Facts 9: Great Wall of China

One of the main structures that the ancient China had built was Great Wall of China. The builder was Shi Huangdi. This wall was used to protect the Chinese people from other countries.

Ancient China Facts 10: movies

There are many types of movies that you can watch to learn about the magnificent cultures in ancient China. You can see the Cursed of Golden Flower starred by Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li.

Ancient Chinese Fashion

Ancient Chinese Fashion

Visiting China will be pleasurable for you can see many kinds of ancient buildings created by the ancient Chinese people. You need to go to the Chinese temples, Forbidden City and Great Wall of China. Are you interested reading the whole facts about ancient China?

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