10 Interesting Western Australia Facts

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Look at Western Australia Facts if you want to know the largest state in the nation. It covers the land area of 976,790 square miles or 2,529,875 sq km. Though it is big, the population of Western Australia is still sparse. It is a home to 2.6 million people. It accounts for 11 percent of the national population. The south-west corner of Western Australia is a home for 92 percent of its population.  Here are other interesting facts about Western Australia:

Western Australia Facts 1: Dirk Hartog

Dirk Hartog was a Dutch explorer who became the first European visitor of Western Australia. In 1616, he arrived on Western Australian coast.

Western Australia Facts 2: the first European settlement

On 26 December 1826, Major Edmund Lockyer first landed on Western Australia, which led into the establishment of the first European settlement. Lockyer did the exploration on Western Australia for colonial government of New South Wales.

Western Australia Facts

Western Australia Facts

Western Australia Facts 3: military garrison

On 21st January 1827, the Major established a military garrison at King George III Sound supported by the convict. The site occupies the present-day Albany. In 1829, the Swan River Colony was established.

Western Australia Facts 4: the first inland settlement

The first inland settlement of Western Australia was located in York. On September 16, 1831, it was occupied and settled by the people.

Western Australia Flora

Western Australia Flora

Western Australia Facts 5: economy

Mining, tourism and agriculture are the primary sources of economy for the people who live in Western Australia. The export of Western Australia makes up 46 percent of the total Australian exports.

Western Australia Facts 6: iron ore

Do you know that the second largest producer of iron ore in the world is at the hand of Western Australia?

Western Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia Facts 7: permanent settlement

In 1826, Western Australian had the permanent settlement. At that time, British Crown was capable to claim Albany from French. The British and Irish settlers established Perth in 1829 as Swan River Colony.

Western Australia Facts 8: the rapid growth of population

The rapid growth of population in Western Australia took place due to the mining boom in Goldfields region in 1890s.

Western Australia Pic

Western Australia Pic

Western Australia Facts 9: tourism

In March 2015, Western Australia was visited by 833,100 foreign people from all parts of the world.

Western Australia Facts 10: promotion

The government agency, which promotes tourism in Western Australia, is Tourism WA.  The state is called as the perfect holiday destination.

Western Australia Black Swans

Western Australia Black Swans

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