10 Interesting Medieval Theatre Facts

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Medieval Theatre Facts provide the amazing information about the old-fashioned theaters during the medieval ages. You can find out the theaters which flourished in 5th century AD and 15th century AD. At that time, the medieval theater was used for entertainment. Here are facts about medieval theater for you:

Medieval Theatre Facts 1: genre

The genre that Medieval Theater performed was various.  It covered the mystery plays, liturgical drama, masques, farces, and morality plays.

Medieval Theatre Facts 2: origin of medieval theater

The medieval theater performance was originated in 10th century with Hrosvitha of Gandersheim.   First, it was very religious. It usually contained the local tradition and moral values.

Medieval Theatre Facts

Medieval Theatre Facts

Medieval Theatre Facts 3: text

It is hard to find the original texts of medieval drama today due to the lack or texts and records. At that time, the people only had low literacy rate so that everything was not recorded in writing text.

Medieval Theatre Facts 4: the famous medieval dramas

Some famous medieval dramas included Everyman, the York Mystery Plays, the English cycle dramas, the Wakefield Mystery Plays, the Chester Mystery Plays, and N-Town Plays.

Medieval Theatre Image

Medieval Theatre Image

Medieval Theatre Facts 5: biblical events

Medieval theater was not only used to entertain people but also to explain a new religion. The biblical events were used as the main themes of the drama in the early medieval ages. Some symbolic objects of biblical events can be seen on the pantomime performed by priests, censers, altars and vestments. Check Bible facts here.

Medieval Theatre Facts 6: the whom do you Seek (Quem-Quaeritis) Easter trope

The whom do you Seek (Quem-Quaeritis) Easter trope was an example one liturgical drama. This drama is intended for the illiterate audiences. It used a lot of signs and symbols so that the message of the drama could be conveyed easily to the illiterate spectators. This drama was created circa 925.

Medieval Theatre Knights

Medieval Theatre Knights

Medieval Theatre Facts 7: Byzantine theatre

Byzantine theatre was occurred after the seat of Roman power was taken by eastern Roman Empire and Constantinople.  The form of the Byzantine theatre included the dances, comedies, tragedies, pantomime and mime.

Medieval Theatre Facts 8: Hrosvitha

Hrosvitha who lived circa 935 to 973 was a famous historian and aristocratic cannoned who wrote 6 plays.  She came from northern Germany. She chose the religious subject on her drama.

Medieval Theatre

Medieval Theatre

Medieval Theatre Facts 9: Mystery play

During the 15th century, mystery play was very common to perform on the medieval theater. It contained the story from the bible.

Medieval Theatre Facts 10: Miracle play

Another type of drama performed during the medieval time was miracle play. It focused on the martyrdom of the saint.

Medieval Theatre Image

Medieval Theater Image

There are many other types of medieval drama that you can learn. If you are interested to study more facts about medieval theater, you can check the medieval drama texts.

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