10 Interesting Canopic Jar Facts

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Canopic Jar facts are always associated with the ancient Egypt.  Inside the Canopic jar, people can find the preserved human body.  This action was very important for the ancient Egyptian people to perform their religious beliefs.

Canopic Jar Facts 1: what is Canopic jar?

Canopic jar is the container where the ancient Egyptians put the major organs of the dead body. During the process of mummification, the organs of the dead body will be eliminated and preserved inside the Canopic jar.

Canopic Jar Facts 2: the design of the Canopic jar

The major organs of the dead people such as stomach, lung, intestines and liver were placed inside special Canopic jars. On the top of the Canopic jars, you can see the design of human head or an animal.

Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar Facts 3: heart

The heart of the people will be removed from the body during the process of mummification. It will be put inside the jar.  The ancient Egyptians believed that the weight of the heart determines there after life.

Canopic Jar Facts 4: heads of the Canopic jars

Each Canopic jar on the Egyptian culture represents different types of top. However, all of them come in the heads of four sons of Horus.

Canopic Jar  facts

Canopic Jar facts

Canopic Jar Facts 5: Hapy

Hapy is the Canopic jar used by the Egyptian people to guard the lungs. The top represents the baboon head.

Canopic Jar Facts 6: Imsety

The liver of the dead body will be put inside the Imsety. On the top of it, you can see a human head.

Canopic Jar Design

Canopic Jar Design

Canopic Jar Facts 7: Duamatef

The head of the jackal can be seen on the top of Duamatef. This special Canopic jar is used to preserve the stomach.

Canopic Jar Facts 8: Qebehsenuf

The Canopic jar protected the intestines is called Qebehsenuf. On the top of the jar, you can see the head of a falcon.

Canopic Jar Pic

Canopic Jar Pic

Canopic Jar Facts 9: placement

During the mummification the dead body will be put inside a special tomb. The Canopic jars will be placed in a special chest located inside the tomb of the mummy.

Canopic Jar Facts 10: Queen Hetepheres I

One of the oldest canopic jars during the Egyptian era is owned by Queen Hetepheres I in fourth dynasty.

Canopic Jars

Canopic Jars

If you are interested to find out the real Canopic jars of the ancient Egyptian people, you can visit the museums all over the world. Do you have any question on facts about Canopic jars?

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