10 Interesting Modern China Facts

Sunday, August 3rd 2014. | Culture

Modern China facts give you the detail information about the development of China. This country has been around since the ancient time. People love to look at the stories of the kingdom in ancient China from some movies.  The country is famous with the Great Wall of China, forbidden kingdom, herbs and industry. Let’s find to the detail facts about modern China below:

Modern China Facts 1: name

Zhongguo is a term that used by most Chinese people when they call the country. It means middle Kingdom. Shanghai is translated as above the sea. The capital city of China, Beijing has the meaning of northern capital.

Modern China Facts 2: population

Do you know that the country with the largest population in the world is China? This record is magnificent since the Chinese population makes up one fifth of the world population. However, you can only find 200 family names in China. People are related to each other.

Modern China Buildings

Modern China Buildings

Modern China Facts 3: infertility treatment

The infertility treatment can be cured by using modern and traditional methods. If you want to stick with the natural method, you can use the Chinese herbs and treatment. There are 150 Chinese herbs used by people to cure infertility.

Modern China Facts 4: the language

The Chinese language is called Mandarin Chinese. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Check the famous person in China by reading Mao Zedong facts.

Modern China Facts

Modern China Facts

Modern China Facts 5: Hong Kong

Today Hong Kong is a part of China.  If you want to go to Hong Kong from China, you need to pay for the international flight.

Modern China Facts 6: Chinese language

Learning the Chinese language is not easy as you might think. There are 40,000 plus characters to learn. Most educated adults can only read 5,000 characters. To read the Chinese newspaper well, you have to master at least 900 to 2,000 characters.

Modern China People

Modern China People

Modern China Facts 7: blocked websites

The modern China is very protective toward their people. There are several websites blocked in the country such as Facebook and Google. It surfaces the term the Great Firewall of China. Other sites that you cannot access in the country include BBC news, Dalailama.com and Amnesty International.

Modern China Facts 8: telling sex of a baby

The parents who are expecting a baby will never find out the sex of the child until it was born. It is due to the fact that telling the sex for the expectant parents is illegal in China.  The government is afraid that the parents will conduct abortion since a lot of parents want to have boys rather than girls.

Modern China Buildings

Modern China Buildings

Modern China Facts 9: pirates

Do you know that 68 percent of pirated goods in the world are originated from China?

Modern China Facts 10: Catsup

China is the home to the original carsup. It is made from a pickled fish sauce.  The local people call it ket tsiap.

Modern China

Modern China

Water pollution is one of the important issues in China. If you visit the country, there are many polluted rivers. Majority of Chinese people drink polluted water. Please comment on facts about modern China!

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