10 Interesting Desert Biome Facts

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Desert Biome facts bring the truth of the life and living environment in the desert. There are many deserts in the world. All of them located in the dry and hot area. In China, people recognize Gobi desert, while in African people know much about Sahara and Kalahari deserts. Here are the facts about desert biome:

Desert Biome Facts 1: Sand Dunes

If you take a look at the movie, you will always imagine that a desert should be like the one found in Arabian Desert. It is not true at all. Not all of deserts in the world are filled with miles away of sand dunes. There are some deserts in Africa and North America filled with wild plants and shrubs with rocks.

Desert Biome Facts 2: Icy Desert

I know that you will be surprised if you found that there are some icy and cold deserts. The kinds of desert can be found in North Pole and Antarctic.

Desert Biome facts

Desert Biome facts

Desert Biome Facts 3: Rain in the Desert

Water is very hard to find out in the desert is due to the lack of rain in the space. In a year, a desert only gets 10 inches of rain. The soil is very dry so that not all of plants can grow well here. It has the high rate of evaporation because of the hot temperature in the desert.

Desert Biome Facts 4: Temperature

The temperature in the desert is very unique. You can feel hot during the day. You can feel very cold during the nighttime.

Desert Biome Look

Desert Biome Look

Desert Biome Facts 5: Degree Temperature

At night a desert can hold the temperature below 32 degrees F. In the day, it can increase up to 100 degree F.

Desert Biome Facts 6: The Largest Hot Desert in the World

If you want to know the largest dry and hot desert in the world, you can go to Sahara desert. It is located in northern Africa. It is covered with 3 million square miles of sand dunes. Check desert facts to get the detail.

Desert Biome

Desert Biome

Desert Biome Facts 7: Deserts in the World

There are several major deserts that you need to know. Some of them are the Kalahari Desert in Africa and Arabian Desert in Middle East. The Gobi desert is located in two countries of China and Mongolia.

Desert Biome Facts 8: Animals in the Desert

There are some animal livings in a desert. Some of them include camels, meerkats, scorpions, horned toad, and grasshoppers. The big and wild animal living in desert is seen on African lion facts.

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

Desert Biome Facts 9: How The Animal Can Service In The Desert?

The animal living in desert has unique feature and behavior. They usually save the water in their body that they can use later. For example, you can see that some animals saving their water in the tail. A camel saves the water in the hump.

Desert Biome Facts 10: Plants

There are several plants found at in the desert. They are grasses, cactus, short trees, and shrubs. Most of them have sharp spines which can protect them from the animal.

Sunset in Desert Biome

Sunset in Desert Biome

Spending time in the desert is totally dangerous for some people. Why? The dust storm can occur in the height around 1 mile. It makes your unable to breathe because of the huge dust will be gathered and travelled miles away. What do you think on facts about desert?

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