10 Interesting Gonorrhea Facts

Thursday, February 27th 2014. | Diseases

Gonorrhea facts will be additional knowledge that people can learn in how to be able to study about this disease. There are no people who really understand about this disease. Therefore, they need to know exactly about in how to take benefit about the facts below.

Gonorrhea Facts 1: what is Gonorrhea?

So, what is gonorrhea? It is certain STD or sexually transmitted disease which may be caused by bacterium. This can grow easily in moist area within the reproductive tract. It can also occur is certain area including throat, eyes, anus, and mouth of the patient.

Gonorrhea Facts 2:  how common is it?

This disease is very common to occur to people. It is very infectious indeed. There is estimation in US about 820,000 people who suffer from this infection. The range of age is from 15-24 years old. This data has been released by CDC.

gonorrhea Child

gonorrhea Child

Gonorrhea Facts 3: the causes

There are different reasons why people suffer from gonorrhea. The most common is when to have sex with people who suffer from it. Having sex can be through oral sex, vaginal, and also anal.

Gonorrhea Facts 4: risk of it

Those who have the risk are sexually active people. Teenagers and young adults are those who have the biggest risk in suffering from such disease.

gonorrhea facts

gonorrhea facts

Gonorrhea Facts 5: symptoms

There are symptoms of such disease including the burning sensation especially when people conduct urinating. There will be also green, yellow, or white discharge. It will appear after people suffer from 1 up to 14 days of infection.

Gonorrhea Facts 6: complications

If this disease is untreated, gonorrhea can cause terrible problem.  It can be permanent as well and also causing PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

gonorrhea Male

gonorrhea Male

Gonorrhea Facts 7: HIV?

Is there any relation of HIV and Gonorrhea? This disease indeed may increase someone’s risk in suffering from transmitting HIV. This virus is the main cause of AIDS.

Gonorrhea Facts 8:  pregnant woman

Does this disease affect pregnant woman and also the baby? If the woman suffers from it, she also transmits the infection to the baby in the birth.  This can be so much troublesome for the baby.

gonorrhea pic

gonorrhea pic

Gonorrhea Facts 9: diagnose

Urine test is the most common to diagnose gonorrhea. Swab also is used to collect sample of urine canal to diagnose this disease.

Gonorrhea Facts 10: prevention

This disease can be prevented by using latex condoms when people conduct sex activity. Avoiding in having sex when you have the disease can be the best effort of prevention.

By reading facts about Gonorrhea, people indeed can become so much beneficial in gaining information about this disease. It has become common disease suffered by many people globally. Facts above perhaps can become useful to deal with it better.

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