10 Interesting Mold Facts

Monday, August 4th 2014. | Diseases

If you want to know the negative effect of mold in our health, you have to read Mold Facts. Mold can be found anywhere. It can be seen on the wall, floor, or even ceiling of the house. You can also find mold in outdoor area such as in the park, garden, swimming pool and abandoned area. Find out more facts about mold below:

Mold Facts 1: home

Each home has mold. If you think that your home is free from mold, I don’t believe you. There must mold in the house. It could be somewhere that you abandon.

Mold Facts 2: species

Can you tell me the number of mold species in the world? Scientists believe that there are more than 10,000 species of mold.

Mold at Home

Mold at Home

Mold Facts 3: toxic mold

One of the toxic molds is Stachybtorys. This mold is very uncommon to see inside the house. But if the house is very dirty and has been exposed to prolonged water damage and dirty flood of water, it can be the place of Stachybtorys. Actually not all species of mold are toxic for human being. Some of them only cause allergic. Check another cause of diseases in bacteria facts.

Mold Facts 4: function of mold

All of us agree that we hate mold inside the house. It can carry allergic problem and make the house uncomfortable. However, mold is very important in the life of human being because it helps the decomposition of organic material.

Mold Cleaning

Mold Cleaning

Mold Facts 5: antibiotic

In the health sector, mold is also beneficial to create an antibiotic. Penicillin is the most popular antibiotic. It is produced from penicillium notatum, a purified mold.

Mold Facts 6: how mold spreads at home?

The main cause of mold growth is because water damage, flooding and high intensity of moisture inside the house. The usage of steam, condensation and land sprinkle can cause the mold to grow. Don’t forget to avoid any leaking in the house.

Mold Facts

Mold Facts

Mold Facts 7: insurance

The people who want to avoid any damage at home because of mold can buy an insurance which can cover the damage of mold.

Mold Facts 8: Mold spores

You can find many mold spores inside the house or building. But the spores will develop into mold if they are exposed to moisture.

Mold in Bathroom

Mold in Bathroom

Mold Facts 9: exposure of mold

If the house is always exposed to mold, you can find some damages not only on the wall, ceiling or floor. You can also find them on the books, wood, carpet, furniture, clothing and paint.

Mold Facts 10: how to control mold growth

To avoid the growth of mold in the house, you need to follow the guidelines of the air circulation. It can keep the humidity and moisture inside the house low.

Mold Picture

Mold Picture

If you decide to clean mold, you need to wear latex gloves, non vented goggles and respirators. They keep you safe from the mold exposure. What do you think on facts about mold?

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