10 Interesting Bipolar Disorder Facts

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Bipolar disorder facts present a new disease that people recognize this day. This metal sickness should be treated well if you do not want the patients suffer a lot. Probably you have realized the symptoms of bipolar disorder as they are depicted in many movies. It will be clear if you get more information about bipolar disorder by reading the facts below:

Bipolar Disorder Facts 1: Disability

Many people do not know that bipolar disorder can cause disability to the patients. According to WHO, it is the sixth cause of the people’s disability on earth. The healthcare for this disease is considered as the most expensive in US. Disability is also found in Parkinson S disease facts.

Bipolar Disorder Facts 2: Accurate Diagnosis

The era of technology makes the scientists perform an accurate diagnosis for the bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder can be diagnosed less than three years. Many people sometimes mislead the symptoms by thinking that it is only depression, anxiety or even thyroid problem.

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Bipolar Disorder Facts 3: Suicide Rate

Compared to other mental illnesses, the suicide rate for bipolar disorder is higher. The suicide rate is 9 percent for the depressive disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Facts 4: Depressive State

Depressive state is the common thing to experience by bipolar disorder sufferers. They will live more days in depressive state than in hypomanic or manic state.

Bipolar Disorder patient

Bipolar Disorder patient

Bipolar Disorder Facts 5: Abuse Issues

Even though the sufferers want to be free from this mental health, most of them end up in alcohol and drugs. More than a half of them face abuse issues.

Bipolar Disorder Facts 6: Male and Female Sufferers

The first episode for bipolar disorder is different between male and female. Female tends to experience the depressive state, while male will face the manic episode.

Bipolar Disorder symptoms

Bipolar Disorder symptoms

Bipolar Disorder Facts 7: Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Men are subject to severe condition because they will experience the early onset of bipolar disorder. The substance abuse of male is higher compared or female. On the other hand, Female will experience cyclothymic, mixed states and mood swing. Leanr more about another disease in asmtha facts.

Bipolar Disorder Facts 8: Onset of Bipolar Disorder

The sufferer usually is on the age of 25 when the first onset occurred. However, it can also be experienced by children. It can happen in the age from 15 to 30 years old.

Bipolar Disorder words

Bipolar Disorder words

Bipolar Disorder Facts 9: Mania State

When people face bipolar disorder and experience the mania state, they will feel very excited and relaxed. They do not want to sleep and tend to make unrealistic plans. They tend to spend a lot of money, talk quickly and overactive. They will be more interested to have sex because of the full energy.

Bipolar Disorder Facts 10: Depressive States

When bipolar disorder sufferers are in the depressive state, they cannot concentrate, go off sex, avoid other people, and think about suicide.

Bipolar Disorder Facts

Bipolar Disorder Facts

Bipolar disorder sufferers always face mood swing between mania and depressive state. They cannot think positively or even make any decision when they are in depressive mood. When they are in mania state, they are happy and active. Have you commented on the facts about bipolar disorder?

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