10 Interesting Yellow Fever Facts

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A viral disease is explained on Yellow Fever Facts. The disease usually lasts for a short period. The common symptoms, which affect the patients, include muscle pain located at the back. Others include nausea, loss of appetite, fever, chills and headaches. You may expect the improved symptoms after five days of infection. Check other useful facts about yellow fever below:

Yellow Fever Facts 1: a day of improving symptoms

The yellow skin occurs on patients due to the damage on the liver. It takes place on 15 percent of patients one day after the symptoms are improving. Other symptoms include the abdominal pain and fever. The risk of having kidney problem and bleeding is enhanced.

Yellow Fever Facts 2: the cause of the disease

Do you know the cause of the disease? An infected female mosquito spreads the yellow fever virus through its bite on human being.

Facts about Yellow Fever

Facts about Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Facts 3: the infection

The virus will only affect some species of mosquitoes, primates and humans.

Yellow Fever Facts 4: Aedes aegypti

Aedes aegypti is considered as the main type of mosquito, which infects human being with yellow fever virus. This mosquito is mainly found in the subtropics and tropic regions. Look at facts about the Bubonic Plague here.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Yellow Fever Certificate

Yellow Fever Facts 5: diagnosis

During the early stages, it is hard to diagnose yellow fever disease. Thus, a blood sample test with polymerase chain reaction will be conducted for confirmation.

Yellow Fever Facts 6: travelers

If you are interested to travel to the tropics or subtropics, you will need vaccinations against yellow fever disease.

Yellow Fever Facts

Yellow Fever Facts

Yellow Fever Facts 7: prevention

One effective way to reduce the cases of yellow fever infections is by decreasing the number of transmitting mosquitoes. The outbreaks of yellow fever are prevented by having immunizations and early diagnosis if it is not common to have vaccination.

Yellow Fever Facts 8: death

Almost 50 percent of the severe cases of yellow fever end up in death. When a person is infected with yellow fever, the symptomatic management will be needed. Get facts about smallpox here.

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Facts 9: the number of cases in 2013

The number of severe infections of yellow fever was 127,000 cases in 2013. It ended up in 45,000 deaths.  Almost 90 percent of the cases took place in African regions.

Yellow Fever Facts 10: the history of yellow fever

The origin of yellow fever was from Africa. In 17th century, it spread to South America due to the slave trade.

Yellow Fever Pic

Yellow Fever Pic

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