10 Interesting Cyclone Tracy Facts

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Cyclone Tracy facts provide some beneficial information about the tropical weather depression that people in Australia faced in the morning of 1974. This natural disaster socked many people at that time. They never realized that this cyclone occurred around their region in Darwin. Find out more about cyclone Tracy in the following post below:

Cyclone Tracy Facts 1: cyclone Tracy in Australia

It was on the early Christmas time in 1974 that cyclone Tracy hit the northern part of Darwin, Australia.

Cyclone Tracy Facts 2: witness of the natural disasters

Many people believe that cyclone Tracy at that time occurred around midnight and 7 a.m. on Christmas morning in 1974. People saw heavy rain with powerful wind. The wind speed passed over the city around 217 km per hour.

Cyclone Tracy damage

Cyclone Tracy damage

Cyclone Tracy Facts 3: Bureau of Meteorology anemometer

Due the fast speed and heavy rain at that time, the Bureau of Meteorology anemometer was damaged.

Cyclone Tracy Facts 4: destroyed building and facilities

Then other parts of Darwin passed by the cyclone Tracy were damaged. People heard the sound of the breaking glass and flying debris on the air. They saw that many buildings, houses and facilities in the area were scattered and damaged.

Cyclone Tracy facts

Cyclone Tracy facts

Cyclone Tracy Facts 5: houses in Darwin

It was estimated that the 70 percent of the houses located in Darwin were damaged by the heavy wind. People also suffered from the poor facilities such as the power, communication, sewerage and water because all of them are destroyed by the wind.

Cyclone Tracy Facts 6: victim

It was reported that dead toll was 65 people. This number included the 16 lost people. The injured people were myriads.

Cyclone Tracy in AUS

Cyclone Tracy in AUS

Cyclone Tracy Facts 7: Alan Stretton

The rescue effort was conducted under the general Alan Stretton. He was also picked as the Director General of natural disasters organization.

Cyclone Tracy Facts 8: Emergency committees

The major general created emergency committees to handle the situation especially the victims who needed food, health care, place to live and sanitation.

Cyclone Tracy in Darwin

Cyclone Tracy in Darwin

Cyclone Tracy Facts 9: defense forces

To clean up the damages in the suburban area and city of Darwin, the government orders the defense forces to do it. Evacuation was still needed at that time.

Cyclone Tracy Facts 10: Darwin’s population

People in Darwin were evacuated to avoid the bad incident because of cyclone Tracy. Thus, the population in the city was decreased to 10,000 residents because of the evacuation.

Cyclone Tracy

Cyclone Tracy

People had access to Darwin against after six months. Now the government makes an annual report for cyclone Tracy. Are you interested to read facts about cyclone Tracy?

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