10 Interesting Heart Attack Facts

Monday, March 17th 2014. | Diseases

Heart Attack facts can be so much important for those who want to learn about the disease. Heart attack is very common disease among any modern people. It had killed more people each year. To recognize better about the disease, you can read the facts provided below.

Heart Attack Facts 1: no 1 killer for women

There is an interesting fact that you need to know about heart attack. The fact is that this disease is the number 1 killer for women. It is in fact the heart disease is responsible for a death in every 3 women. So, just be more and more considerate about this.

Heart Attack Facts 2: no 1 killer in rural area

Second basic fact that you really need to know about heart disease is about in how such disease has killed more and more people who live in rural area. Those who live in urban area also often suffer from the same problem of heart attack.

Heart Attack Checking

Heart Attack Checking

Heart Attack Facts 3: all ethnicity

You need to know that all ethnicity are prone to heart disease. In fact, it is the 2nd leading cause of death for some ethnicity including Hispanics, African Americans, Alaskan Natives, Native Americans, whites, Pacific Islanders, and Asians.

Heart Attack Facts 4: rare symptoms

Heart attack doesn’t always have clear symptoms. People usually suffer from pain within the chest, problem in breathing, and also cold sweats. It can occur without any recognition of people. Therefore it is called as silent killer.

Heart Attack facts

Heart Attack facts

Heart Attack Facts 5: different symptoms

Those who have already had heart attack have different symptoms for the second time.

Heart Attack Facts 6: Australian

There was estimation that over 55,000 Australians suffer from a heart attack for each year. This may equal to one heart attack for 10 minutes.

Heart Attack Patient

Heart Attack Patient

Heart Attack Facts 7: heart attack in men

There is higher risk for men in suffering from heart attack than women. It is because the reason of habits.

Heart Attack Facts 8:  menopause

Women who reach menopause have the higher risk in suffering from heart disease. It has become common fact for many people.

Heart Attack Pic

Heart Attack Pic

Heart Attack Facts 9: leading cause of death

Heart attack in fact is the leading cause of death for any people around the world.

Heart Attack Facts 10: factors

There are many factors affecting heart attack including high blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, social isolation, and others.

Heart Attack

Heart Attack

The facts about Heart Attack above are beneficial for your right? There are even more people who have become so much attracted to gain further info about the disease. Just learn more from different source of information actually.

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