10 Interesting Rabies Facts

Friday, January 2nd 2015. | Diseases

Rabies Facts talk about the bullet shaped virus. If this virus penetrates inside the body, it will likely be fatal. It travels to reach the brain through the bite wound. The animal seems fine during the incubation period even though the body has been infected by the virus. But when the virus reaches the brain, it dies in only 7 days. Here are some interesting facts about rabies for you:

Rabies Facts 1: saliva

The fastest mode of transmission of rabies infection is through the bite wound. The virus will be replicated in the salivary glands when it reaches the brain. Therefore, the infection of this virus through saliva is very common.

Rabies Facts 2: the rare case

The contamination of rabies through the mucous membranes is very rare. The rare contamination is also seen on the organ transplantation, aerosol transmission and corneal transplantation.

Rabies Bats

Rabies Bats

Rabies Facts 3: tame animal

If you want to find out whether your animal is infected by rabies or not, you need to check out the daily behavior. If the active and wild animal suddenly becomes so passive and quite, you have to be careful with the chance of rabies infection.  You have to take it to the doctor. This infection can lead the animal into the paralytic and dumb state.

Rabies Facts 4: rabid animal

The owners of the animals can be exposed to rabies infection if the animal is in rabid form.

Rabies Facts

Rabies Facts

Rabies Facts 5: the common reservoir of rabies

In United States, the common reservoir of rabies is bat.  Sometimes you do not know that you are bitten by this animal. It often sneaks in our homes and beds. Find out facts about bat here.

Rabies Facts 6: a family pet

Your family pet is also subject to rabies infection. It may bring a sick bat out of the house. The pet is infected with rabies. Then it infects the owner through the saliva.

Rabies Virus

Rabies Virus

Rabies Facts 7: rabid bat

The CDC find out that 6 percent of bats are rabid. Therefore, you have to be careful when a bat is entering the house.

Rabies Facts 8: the wildlife

You have to be careful with the wild animals. CDC also reports that 90 percent of rabies cases in United States come from the wildlife.

Rabies Wound

Rabies Wound

Rabies Facts 9: vaccine

If you have a pet at home, make sure that they have been vaccinated from any virus.

Rabies Facts 10: rabid dog bites

If you check out the rabies cases in developing countries, the infection comes from the rabid dog bites. Find out facts about dog here.



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