10 Interesting Autism Facts

Monday, September 9th 2013. | Diseases

Autism facts present the information about one of the common disorders found on children. In US, it is estimated that one of 150 children was born with autism. The main cause of this disorder is on the chromosome 16.  The mutation on this chromosome makes children have autism. Here are more facts about autism to understand:

Autism Facts 1: Behavioral Observation

It is not easy to detect autism. People do not have to use any image, scan or even blood test. The diagnosis for this disorder lies on screening and behavioral observation.

Autism Facts 2: Coexisting Condition

There are several coexisting conditions that will face by the children with autism such as ADD, learning disabilities, Tourette syndrome, epileptic seizures, fragile X-syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis.

Autism Facts

Autism Facts

Autism Facts 3: Virtual Resource

If you want to know more about autism by getting the ideas on the virtual resource center, you need to take a look at the naughty auties.

Autism Facts 4: Causes of Autism

Autism is affected by the environmental factors which can lead the genes to mutate.  The infection during pregnancy, flame retardant, extensive television viewing, antibiotics, heavy metal exposure, chemical, drugs can contribute to the mutation of genes. Get human body facts for more explanataion.

Autism on Boy

Autism on Boy

Autism Facts 5: Higher Precipitation Levels

Higher precipitation levels include three important states. The risk to have autism is bigger if the mother has higher precipitation levels. The increased of television watching, decrease of vitamin B and higher pollutants can cause autisms to children. Another common disease of children is seen in astma facts.

Autism Facts 6: Common People with Autism

Austin now is very common to see even though you compare it with childhood, cancer, AIDS, and diabetes.

Autism on Girl

Autism on Girl

Autism Facts 7: Amygdala

There is a common difference between the children with autism and the normal children. Amygdala is a part of the brain. The brain of autism children is 13 percent larger if you compare it with the normal children.

Autism Facts 8: Autism Research

To increase the autism research, Obama administration spends $211 million. The universal screening is also a part for the health section for the all US infants.



Autism Facts 9: Autism in the World

It is estimated that 67 million people around the world live with autism.

Autism Facts 10: Sensitivity

It seems that pain is no longer a big problem for autistic children. However, the sensitivity to sensory stimulation, sound and touch is higher. Thus, many autistic children do not like to be hugged or cuddled.

Autistic boy

Autistic boy

Many researchers cannot understand why the autistic children who reach the stage of adulthood always   have epilepsy. However, the rate is only 20 to 30 percent. When a girl has autism, they will suffer from the Rett syndrome. This condition only affects girls because boys can resist it when they are still as featus. The motor and language skills are completely lost when the girls reach the age of 6 until 18 months. What do you think on facts about autism?

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