10 Interesting Harry Houdini Facts

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Harry Houdini facts are interesting trivia to learn about. There are many different facts that you can obtain from this man. What I really want to say is in how to get the best one for any of you. So, let’s discuss further here.

Harry Houdini Facts 1: real name

Many people still don’t know about his real name. The real name actually was Ehrich Weiss. He used this name in his first part of stage. The name Harry Houdini was speculated to become the tribute for two persons. They are Harry Kellar and Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin.

Harry Houdini Facts 2: Buster Keaton

He was also recognized in having the name such as Buster Keaton.  There was story behind the name. The meaning of the name was the fall or spill having the potential in hurting someone. It is because he ever took tumble down flight of stairs.

Harry Houdini facts

Harry Houdini facts

Harry Houdini Facts 3: milk can trick

His first famous trick was milk can trick. It was introduced in 1908. Houdini invented oversized milk can for water filling. Later he will be handcuffed and tried to escape from this can.

Harry Houdini Facts 4: mystery of the death

People may recognize Houdini had gained death because of sucker punch. It’s possibly true because the trick is to deal with three punches in the abs. The mistake occurred when Houdini failed to prepare to tighten his abs. It leads to ruptured appendix.

Harry Houdini Image

Harry Houdini Image

Harry Houdini Facts 5: burial

Houdini was buried at Machpelah Cemetery in Queens. In fact, such cemetery has the symbol of the Society of American Magician engraved on his tombstone.

Harry Houdini Facts 6: the pact

He once made a pact with his wife about his return as a ghost to contact her. It was a failure actually.

Harry Houdini Magician

Harry Houdini Magician

Harry Houdini Facts 7: avid aviator

Perhaps many people still don’t know that Houdini was an avid aviator. He had an expectation that later he wanted the world to recognize him for the contribution in aviation world.

Harry Houdini Facts 8:  the copyright

He had become so sensitive about any people who tried to imitate his stunts. This indeed had caused him to sue many people who do so.

Harry Houdini Pic

Harry Houdini Pic

Harry Houdini Facts 9: buried in a pit

He once gained problem when he performed the pit burial. He ran out of breath when he tried to go out. He promptly passed out at the time. He later said that the weight of the earth is killing.

Harry Houdini Facts 10: suspended straitjacket

The suspended straitjacket escape was one of his most famous stunts. He usually used crane or also tall building in order to do the trick.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

The facts about Harry Houdini are compulsory for those who want to learn about this famous magician. There is in fact more info that you can get from him. Just use your effort to learn further about any different facts.

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