10 Interesting Gianni Versace Facts

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Gianni Versace facts will become the basic to learn if you want to study about a person. People recognize Versace as fashion designer. Actually, there will be much information that you don’t really know about him. Reading information below will be beneficial for you.

Gianni Versace Facts 1: born

First important fact that you need to know about him is the born. Gianni Versace was born on 2 December 1946. It was in Reggio di Calabria, Italy.

Gianni Versace Facts 2:  childhood

His mother was the person who taught him about fashion. It includes in how to cut and making clothes. It was because she was a dressmaker. In the age of 26, he moved to Milan. It was in 1972. The purpose is to start working as freelance designer. It was for certain labels in Italy such as Complice, Callaghan, and Genny.

Gianni Versace Facts

Gianni Versace Facts

Gianni Versace Facts 3:  own collection

He also had his own collection in 1978. The collection presents the designs at the Palazzo della Permanente Art Museum of Milan. Later in September 1978, he launched his first collection of menswear.

Gianni Versace Facts 4: business

He first opened his boutique in Milan. It was Via della Spiga in 1978. Within the 10 years, he had built as well the fashion empire having worth more than $800 million.

Gianni Versace fashion

Gianni Versace fashion

Gianni Versace Facts 5: materials

He was recognized in having flamboyant designs. His designs were also so much glamorous. He had used wide range of materials within his collections which may include fused rubber, leather, and also aluminum mesh.

Gianni Versace Facts 6: pop stars costumes

He also had designed stage costumes for some pop stars including Madonna and also Elton John.

Gianni Versace Pic

Gianni Versace Pic

Gianni Versace Facts 7: murdered

He was murdered on 15 July 1997. He was shot in the way he returned to South Beach home. It was in Miami, Florida. The date of the murder was on 15 July 1997. The suspect was a man having the age of 27 years old named Andrew Cunanan.

Gianni Versace Facts 8:  museums

His fashion designs have been showcased globally. Those were on many different museums including London’s Royal College of Art, Chicago’s National Field Museum, and also Japan’s Kobe City Museum.

Gianni Versace runway

Gianni Versace runway

Gianni Versace Facts 9: 3rd Maschera D’Argento

He also had designed certain theater costumes. He won the prize of Maschera D’Argento in 1987.

Gianni Versace Facts 10: awards

It is a fact that he won many awards of his collections of fashion. It included the American Fashion Oscar in 1993 and also 4 awards of L’Occhio d’Oros.

Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace

Women are those who love to know facts about Gianni Versace. It is because such person is one of their favorite fashion designers. You can gain more info about him indeed from different articles or related resources.

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