10 Interesting Alexander Graham Bell Facts

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Alexander Graham Bell facts become one of the most discussable information among people. We all can learn more about this biography among people. Therefore, the information below can be your basic preferences to discuss about. So, let’s start below.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 1: birth

This famous person was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The home of his family was at 16 South Charlotte Street. There you can find stone inscription. It is the mark of his birthplace. This becomes great symbol actually.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 2: family

Alexander Graham Bell has 2 brothers. They are Edward Charles Bell and Melville James Bell. Both of them died because of tuberculosis. His mother was Eliza Grace and his father was Alexander Melville Bell who was a professor.

Alexander Graham Bell facts

Alexander Graham Bell facts

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 3: natural curiosity

He was a child who really had natural curiosity about the world. It may result in certain hobby such as gathering botanical specimens. He had best friend named Ben Herdman. He was the neighbor whose family operated a flour mill.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 4: talent of art

He also had shown great talent in arts for his early years. This was also because he had gained encouragement by his mother. He also had mastered piano without any formal training.

Alexander Graham Bell Image

Alexander Graham Bell Image

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 5: elocution

It is a fact that his family had long involved to elocution teaching. In fact, his father had published many works of the subject. They were still well known up to now. The most famous one was The Standard Elocutionist. It was appeared in Edinburgh 1868.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 6: education

He gained first home schooling from his father. Later, he enrolled at Royal High School in Scotland. The record of his school was so undistinguished which were marked by the laclustre grades and absenteeism.

Alexander Graham Bell Photos

Alexander Graham Bell Photos

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 7: great father

Alexander Graham Bell really had great father. He considered his father to be his major encouragement to always do better in his life.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 8:  report to Henry Higgins

He also had involved with Professor Henry Higgins once. It was in the age of 19 that he wrote report on his work sent to Alexander Ellis. He was a colleague of his father.

Alexander Graham Bell Pic

Alexander Graham Bell Pic

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 9: London

Bell’s family moved to London in 1865. He returned to Weston House to become assistant master. He conducted experiment there with electricity in order to convey sound.

Alexander Graham Bell Facts 10: harmonic telegraph

His initial work was harmonic telegraph. The stage of development and progress was in new Boston laboratory.  It earns big success actually.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

The facts about Alexander Graham Bell are collection about how people gain further info related to this person. Although his name was famous, there are still people who don’t know exactly further info about this.

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