10 Interesting Mike Lupica Facts

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If you want to know one of the best American columnists, you can check Mike Lupica Facts. Lupica is also famous with his appearances on ESPN and also for his provocative comments on sports in New York Daily news. Here are facts about Mike Lupica for you:

Mike Lupica Facts 1: date of birth

Lupica was born on 11 May 1953 in Oneida, New York. But he was raised in Nashua, New Hampshire during his childhood time.

Mike Lupica Facts 2: education

Talking about Lupica’s education, he went to Bishop Guertin High School. Then he pursued higher education by attending Boston College. He gained the critical acclaim as a sportswriter in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Mike Lupica ESPN

Mike Lupica ESPN

Mike Lupica Facts 3: the early career

He was the columnist at Esquire Magazine writing The Sporting Life column at the end of 1980s. He worked there for 10 years. Today, Lupica worked by writing for Travel + Leisure Golf regularly.

Mike Lupica Facts 4: writing a column

Due to his wonderful skill and knowledge as a columnist, you can also find Lupica writing for some big magazines such as Men’s Journal, ESPN the Magazine, Parade, and Golf Digest.

Mike Lupica Facts

Mike Lupica Facts

Mike Lupica Facts 5: awards

There are numerous awards that Lupica has.  He got Jim Murray Award from the National Football Foundation in 2003.

Mike Lupica Facts 6: political columns

Now Lupica starts to write a regular political column. If you read his works with the column title Mondays with Mike, he has strong liberal orientation. His subject includes former Vice President Dick Cheney, Notre Dame Football, James L. Dolan, Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani and many more.

Mike Lupica Image

Mike Lupica Image

Mike Lupica Facts 7: an author

Lupica also works as an author. He worked with Reggie Jackson and Bill Parcells to write autobiographies. In some books such as wait Till Next Year and Mad as Hell: How Sports Got Away From the Fans and How We Get It Back, he worked with William Goldman, a screenwriter.

Mike Lupica Facts 8: another book

Summer of ’98: When Homers Flew, Records Fell, and Baseball Reclaimed America is a book that he wrote.  In the books, you can find the detail information on how he and his son could share a love for baseball.

Mike Lupica Novel

Mike Lupica Novel

Mike Lupica Facts 9: a novelist

Lupica is also a good novelist. Dead Air is a mystery novel by Lupica. It made him earned a nomination for Edgar Allan Poe Award for the Best Mystery. The book was adapted into a TV Movie with different title. It is called Money, Power Murder. Check another famous author in Mildred Taylor facts.

Mike Lupica Facts 10: Travel Team

Travel Team is a novel that Lupica wrote for youngsters. You can also read the best seller novels of Lupica such as Lupica’s Bump and Run and Wild Pitch and Red Zone.

Mike Lupica Columnist

Mike Lupica Columnist

Lupica also created a children book entitled Heat in April 2006. The story involves with Danny scandal in the South Bronx Little League. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Mike Lupica?

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