10 Interesting James Baldwin Facts

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James Baldwin facts are so much fun to learn about. In this case, you can take benefit from such facts to conduct further review about this person. Any of you will gain so much fun indeed to recognize about information that you don’t know yet about him.

James Baldwin Facts 1: who is he?

James Arthur Baldwin actually was recognized among people to be American essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, and also social critic.

James Baldwin Facts 2: family

When he was an infant, his mother Emma Jones divorced his father because of the drug abuse. Later they moved to the Harlem section within Manhattan in New York City. His mother married a preacher there named David Baldwin. The family in fact was very poor.

James Baldwin

James Baldwin

James Baldwin Facts 3: stepfather

His stepfather died because of tuberculosis in summer in the year of 1943. It was soon before James turned 19. The last child of his father was born. It became the inspiration of him in creating essay “Notes of a Native Son.

James Baldwin Facts 4: education

James Baldwin attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx’s Bedford Park section. He worked with Richard Avendon on the school magazine. After his study in high school, he studied at The New School in finding intellectual community.

James Baldwin Facts

James Baldwin Facts

James Baldwin Facts 5: difficulties of life

He suffered from difficulties in life. At the age 14, he attended meetings of Pentecostal Church. He later became the junior minister at the Fireside Pentecostal Assembly and in fact he drew larger crowds than his stepfather had conducted.

James Baldwin Facts 6: Slavery

He admonished Christianity in order to reinforce the system of American slavery. It was by palliating the pangs of oppression and also delaying salvation until a promised afterlife.

James Baldwin Image

James Baldwin Image

James Baldwin Facts 7: age of 14

It was in the age of 15 when he skipped school along with his buddy Emile Capouya. It was in Greenwich Village and he met with Beauford Delaney who was a painter.

James Baldwin Facts 8:  the works

He worked on odd jobs and during his work, he wrote essays, short stories, and also book reviews. He made a friend named Marlon Brando who was an actor in the year 1944. They remained to be friends for over than 20 years.

James Baldwin pic

James Baldwin pic

James Baldwin Facts 9: gay

When he was a teenage in Harlem, he started realized that he was gay. Later, he left United States and started to live in Paris, France.

James Baldwin Facts 10: death

It was in December 1, 1987 when he died because of esophageal cancer. It was in Saint-Paul-de-vence, France. He was buried at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale which was near to New York City.

James Baldwin Time

James Baldwin Time

The way people obtain facts about James Baldwin is different from each other. In this case, let’s take the best benefits from the internet to learn further facts about this man. You will get unpredictable information I bet.

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