10 Interesting Jacques Cousteau Facts

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Jacques Cousteau facts become more interesting for any people to learn about. The way you review about this person can really boost your experience in how you can obtain great quality of it. So, just be so much considerate later.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 1: naval academy

Jacques Cousteau graduated from French naval academy in the year 1933. He was commissioned as the second lieutenant within the Navy. Yet, he didn’t have the ambitions to do ocean exploration. In fact, he wanted to become an airplane pilot.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 2: French Resistance

He once became a part of the French Resistance. The purpose was to provide the Allies information about the movements of Italian troop. He also received the France’s Legion of Honor for his quality efforts.

Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau Facts 3: World War II

After the end of World War II, Jacques Cousteau assisted the French navy within the efforts in clearing the mines from any waterways. This was important role actually.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 4: Aqualung

It was in the year 1943 when Cousteau co-invented the Aqualung and he also conducted throughout work in improving the design.

Jacques Cousteau facts

Jacques Cousteau facts

Jacques Cousteau Facts 5: The Silent World

In the year 1953, he wrote a book entitled The Silent World. He was the first describing the echolocation abilities of porpoises.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 6: French Oceanographic Campaigns

It was in 1950 when he founded the French Oceanographic Campaigns. He leased the Calypso for one year from Thomas Loel Guinness. It was a descendant of the famous brewing family.

Jacques Cousteau Image

Jacques Cousteau Image

Jacques Cousteau Facts 7: Oscars

Jacques Cousteau had won 3 Oscars from Hollywood. It includes the 1957 Best Documentary for The Silent World and the others.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 8:  inspiration

He had provided many inspirations for people. In this case, you really need to know the most about his involvement about everything.

Jacques Cousteau Old

Jacques Cousteau Old

Jacques Cousteau Facts 9: award

There was a fact as well that He had gained award from Ronald Reagan. The award was U.S Presidential Freedom Medal in 1985.

Jacques Cousteau Facts 10: Calypso

There was great damage to Calypso in 1996. It was one year before the death of Cousteau. It was hit by a barge and sunk in the port of Singapore.

Jacques Cousteau Old

Jacques Cousteau Old

What you really need to learn about this person are the facts about Jacques Cousteau above. The facts above can trigger your interest to learn further about him. So, just be so much attentive more in how to review about this person.

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