10 Interesting Crayfish Facts

Friday, September 13th 2013. | Animals

Crayfish facts present the information about the fresh water variant of lobster. The people who like eating lobster with a unique taste can try crayfish. The first consumer of crayfish is France, while the first producer of crayfish is located in Norway. People like to eat the meat of crayfish located on the claws and abdomen. Here are the interesting facts about crayfish:

Crayfish Facts 1: Good Eyesight

The eyes of crayfish are wonderful. The animals can move them independently.  This fish is a type of crustaceans.

Crayfish Facts 2: Diet

There are many favorite foods that crayfish like to eat. Some of them include interact larvae, snails, plan materials, small fish, carrion and clams. Look at puffer fish facts to get other interesting info about underwater animals.

Crayfish Egg

Crayfish Egg

Crayfish Facts 3: Molting Time

The molting time of crayfish occurred on the late of June. To increase the substance of phosphate and calcium, crayfish will eat their old skeleton.

Crayfish Facts 4: Adult Crayfish

The life span for crayfish is around 20 till 30 years.  A crayfish is considered as adult if the age reaches four years old.

Crayfish eggs

Crayfish eggs

Crayfish Facts 5: Movement

When crayfish swims on the water, they will move backward. This swimming movement is very fast because they use the abdomen to move. If you want to know movement of a sparkling animal, see jellyfish facts.

Crayfish Facts 6: Breeding Season

When the breeding season comes, the male crayfish have to compete with other males to get the right to copulate with female crayfish. In the competition, they sometimes have to lose a claw or leg. But don’t worry the leg and claw will soon grow again.

Crayfish facts

Crayfish facts

Crayfish Facts 7: Sperm

The shape and feature of crayfish sperm is unique and weird. The shape is flagellant. It will crawl to reach the egg.

Crayfish Facts 8: Disease

Crayfish is susceptible to disease. They are very sensitive to crayfish plague and pest.  Not only people like eating crayfish, but also eels, pikes and water birds.



Crayfish Facts 9: Water Sign

The presence of crayfish on the water is a sign that the water in the environment is clean. It means that there is no severe contamination on the water. It is due to the fact that crayfish can clean the water from any carrion and detritus.

Crayfish Facts 10: Lake Baikal

The deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal is measured around 5,371 feet or 1,637 meter. It has a very clean and sparkling water because from the tiny crustaceans living inside the water. The animal likes to eat bacteria and algae on the lake.

rusty  crayfish

rusty crayfish

The European people were introduced with Procambarus clarkii or red swamp crayfish in 1974 from southeastern United States. The population of the native Europe crayfish at that time was eliminated because the American crayfish carried Aphanomyces or a water mold. Do you want to comment on facts about crayfish?

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