10 Interesting Flying Squirrel Facts

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To know one of the funniest animals of rodent, you can see the flying squirrel facts in the post below. Flying squirrels are included as rodents. The body size is medium. The animals have a close relationship with squirrels spreading around grassland and woodland in the world. They have bigger size if you compare them with other types of squirrels.

Flying Squirrel Facts 1: Flying Squirrels

Even though the animal is named as flying squirrel, actually it cannot flay on the sky. It will move the body between trees by gliding. The gliding ability of flying squirrels is remarkable. In one glide, it can reach 90 meters.

Flying Squirrel Facts 2: Leg of Flying Squirrels

You can scrutinize the location between the front and back legs. You can find the fury membrane. The membrane is functioned as a parachute. It keeps them gliding without having to fall off on the ground. The animals are characterized with stubby flattened tails and large eyes. If you want to find out the animal living in a tree, read koala facts.

Flying Squirrel Eats

Flying Squirrel Eats

Flying Squirrel Facts 3: Species

There are many kinds of flying squirrel species that you can learn. Those include more than 50 species spreading all over the world. The species are differentiated based on the colors and sizes.

Flying Squirrel Facts 4: Woolly Flying Squirrel

The largest flying squirrels in the world are the wooly flying squirrel.  You can see them on Pakistan. Read frog facts to know the jumping animal in details.

Flying Squirrel Facts

Flying Squirrel Facts

Flying Squirrel Facts 5: Pygmy Flying Squirrel

Meet pygmy flying squirrels if you want to know the smallest species of flying squirrels. They are abundant in Malaysia and the jungles of Borneo.

Flying Squirrel Facts 6: Diet

Flying squirrels are included as omnivorous animals. They eat veggies and meat at the same time. They like eating bird eggs, insects, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Flying Squirrel Gliding

Flying Squirrel Gliding

Flying Squirrel Facts 7: Nocturnal Animals

Flying squirrels are considered as a nocturnal animal. They are active when the night comes and less active when the day comes. At night they begin hunting for a prey.

Flying Squirrel Facts 8: Glaucomys Volans

The species name of flying squirrels is Glaucomys volans. The animals have been living in North America. There are two main species in the land. Both are the northern squirrel of Glaucomys sabrinus and Southern flying squirrel called Glaucomys volans.

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel Facts 9: Life Span

Most flying squirrels can only live about 6 years in the world. If they live in captivity, the flying squirrels have the life span up to 15 years.

Flying Squirrel Facts 10: Predators

Flying squirrels are a good menu for some animals.  These squirrels will be hunted by the bigger animals like snake, raccoons, domestic cats, foxes dogs, and coyotes.

Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrels

The northern and southern flying squirrels have something in common. The southern squirrels are shorter with less weight. The northern animals have the length around 12 inches with the weight around 4 ounces. Do you like reading the facts about flying squirrels?

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