10 Interesting Kitten Facts

Saturday, June 29th 2013. | Animals

Kitten facts are helpful for the car lovers. A kitten is a cute and funny animal that you can look after at home. Your kids will love you more if you can give them a funny kitten. The animal likes to drink milk. You can serve it in the morning and in the night. Here are some interesting kitten facts.

Kitten Facts 1: Sleeping Time

The sleeping time of a cat is long. Most of them sleep 2/3 of their time each day to sleep.

Kitten Facts 2: Sweet Tooth

Cat and dog have different physical appearance.  If you have a dog, you can scrutinize that this animal has a sweet tooth. Kitten does not have any sweet tooth. This condition occurs because of key taste receptor mutation. Read dog facts if you want to know popular pet in US.

Kitten Facts

Kitten Facts

Kitten Facts 3: Territory

Most cats will mark their territory. What they will do at home is to rub against the people. The scent gland around their face will be attached on the people to present how affectionate they are with master.

Kitten Facts 4: Kitten in Ancient Egypt

Kittens and cats are considered as sacred animals in ancient Egypt. When a cat in their family died, the people shaved their eyebrows and mourn the whole day. The appropriate funeral will be held by the family.  It will be buried on the pet cemetery.



Kitten Facts 5: Mummified Cats

The Egyptian cemetery was not only used to hold people. In 1888, there were more than 300,000 mummified cats discovered on the cemetery.

Kitten Facts 6: Female Cats

The female cats reproduce the kitten. In one gestation period, they can deliver one up to 9 kittens. The biggest one ever known was a female which can produce 19 kittens. But only 15 kittens were survived.

Funny Kitten

Funny Kitten

Kitten Facts 7: Smuggling a Cat

A cat in ancient Egypt was really important and precious. If you caught smuggling a cat, you got death penalty. However, Phoenician traders were successful to sell cats and kittens to Athens and other cities in the world.

Kitten Facts 8: The Biggest Wildcat

The biggest wildcat in the world is taken by a Siberian tiger. It has the weight at 700 pounds with the length at 3.6 meters or 12 feet. Check the facts about tiger here.

Cute Kitten

Cute Kitten

Kitten Facts 9: The Smallest Cat

The smallest cat in the world is the black footed cat. The female cat only has the weight at 1.2 kilogram with the length is less than 50 centimeter.

Kitten Facts 10: Superstitious Belief

Kittens and cats are linked with superstitious belief till this present day. In Australia and Britain, black cat is considered as a lucky animal. In other countries like North America and Europe, it brings bad luck.

White Kitten

White Kitten

If you want to have a kitten at home, you can choose the high quality cat breed. You can select the Main Coon cat, Persian cat or even Siamese car. They are popular among kids and adults. Have you read the facts about kitten above?

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