10 Interesting Glasgow Facts

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Glasgow facts present the ideas about one of the important cities in the Great Britain. If you go to the country, you can visit Glasgow to know the sightseeing areas and industries. There are many places to visit. You can take family and friends with you for the big and festive holiday. Let me show you some interesting information about Glasgow:

Glasgow Facts 1: St Mungo

One of the popular people in Glasgow was St Mungo. It is stated that Mungo passes away on Sunday 13th January in his bath. The year of his death is not clean. Some people stated that he died in 603, while others stated he died in 614.

Glasgow Facts 2: Kentigern

Kentigern is the real name of Mungo.  Mungo is only his nickname. It means the dear one.

Glasgow at Night

Glasgow at Night

Glasgow Facts 3: populations

I can say that Glasgow has a big number of populations. The cities in UK which can surpass the population on the people in UK are only Leeds, Birmingham and London.

Glasgow Facts 4: Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is very famous around the world. It is stated that this cathedral is the site of the church of St Mungo. That’s why many people also call this church as St Mungo.

Glasgow City

Glasgow City

Glasgow Facts 5: the second city

The second city of British Empire was Glasgow during the 19th century. It seems that this city lost its power in the 20th and 21st century.

Glasgow Facts 6: Glasgow kiss

One of the popular terms originated from Glasgow was Glasgow kisses. It was occurred in 1982. This term based on the meaning that you can find in the oxford dictionary means a headbutt.

Glasgow Facts

Glasgow Facts

Glasgow Facts 7: Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games also attract many people all over Britain and other parts of the world.  To accommodate all visitors, there are at least 1,000 hotel rooms in the area.

Glasgow Facts 8: Glasgow church

It is stated that Glasgow church has been associated much with St Valentine and White friars Church in Dublin.

Glasgow Festival

Glasgow Festival

Glasgow Facts 9: St Valentine

St Valentine celebration was held in the church of Blessed St John duns Scotus in Glasgow. You can find a label Corpus Valentini Martyris’ on the casket.

Glasgow Facts 10: Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott was the one who constructed the word Glaswegian in 1817. Till today people use this word when they want to call the people in Glasgow.



This city is also famous with various types of industries. Many people love to work here. Are you  interested with facts about Glasgow?

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