10 Interesting Guadalajara Facts

Friday, March 7th 2014. | Cities

Guadalajara facts give you the information about the second biggest city in Mexico. The first biggest city in Mexico is Mexico City.  The people who love to travel to Mexico realize that Guadalajara is great to visit for vacation. Here are the facts about Guadalajara:

Guadalajara Facts 1: Hispano American International Book Festival

Guadalajara is the home to the biggest Hispano American International Book Festival.  What you can see in the festival is concerts, books, sale, and many more. In one day, this festival is visited by more than 100,000 people.

Guadalajara Facts 2: Encuentro Internacional de Mariachi y la Charreria

Another important event in Guadalajara is Encuentro Internacional de Mariachi y la Charreria. You can see that the Mariachi from Latin America, Spain and Japan holds a meeting in the city.

Guadalajara City

Guadalajara City

Guadalajara Facts 3: Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajara

Don’t forget to watch Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajara. This international festival enables the people to watch many kinds of movies on the street.

Guadalajara Facts 4: market

Do you love to go shopping? If you visit Mexico, you can do shopping in the city. It has the biggest market in Latin America. You just have to visit San Juan de Dios. This market is equipped with three floors.

Guadalajara facts

Guadalajara facts

Guadalajara Facts 5: women

Do you want to meet beautiful and nice women? You can find them in Guadalajara. People observe that the women in this city are nice.

Guadalajara Facts 6: University of Guadalajara

Talking about education, this city is a popular place to pursue education. It is the home to University of Guadalajara. It is considered as the second biggest public university in Mexico.

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara Facts 7: religion and traditional

Even though Guadalajara is a big city, people still hold their religious and traditional belief tightly. You can see many traditional festivals and celebrations in this city.

Guadalajara Facts 8: heritage

If you want to know the most Criollos city in Mexico, you need to visit Guadalajara. You can find many French and Spanish heritage here.

Guadalajara Pic

Guadalajara Pic

Guadalajara Facts 9: districts

There are six districts in the metropolitan area. Since Guadalajara is considered as the smallest one, people cannot extend the size of the city.

Guadalajara Facts 10: tapatíos

You can call the people coming from Guadalajara with the name tapatíos.

Guadalajara Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico

Guadalajara Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico

Guadalajara is the place where the mariachi and tequila come from. If you visit it, you can see the Las Chivas de Guadalajara. It is the most famous football team here. Are you interested with facts about Guadalajara?

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