10 Interesting Atlanta Facts

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If you want to know more about the “city not too busy to care”, look at Atlanta facts. Atlanta is famous with its history and culture. Have you visited this city in US? You will be impressed because you can enjoy famous shops, prosperous restaurants, commercial building, sky scraper and business. Here are the complete facts about Atlanta for you:

Atlanta Facts 1: downtown

If you want to know the center of government and business in Atlanta, you need to visit the downtown area. You can enjoy the cultural scene and hub of social relationship with the local people.  The business areas in Atlanta enable you to enjoy the fine dining in various wonderful restaurants.

Atlanta Facts 2: skyline

You will be impressed with the skyline in Atlanta. You are served with various office buildings and sky high hotels. You can see headquarter of Coca Cola in the city. If you want to know the trade show, you can go to the Georgia world congress center.

Atlanta attraction

Atlanta attraction

Atlanta Facts 3: sport game

If you like with athletic sport game, there are many buildings in Atlanta that you can visit. Some of them include the Philips area, Atlanta Falcons, and Georgia Dome.

Atlanta Facts 4: Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell is the author of Gone with the Wind. She wrote this book in the midtown of Atlanta. Today, the house was changed as a museum. If you want to visit the resting place for the author, you can go to the Oakland cemetery.

Atlanta city

Atlanta city

Atlanta Facts 5: streets

It seems that Peachtree is a very famous word in Atlanta. It is estimated that 55 streets in the city contain the word Peachtree.

Atlanta Facts 6: Peachtree Road Race

If you want to enjoy a famous celebration in Atlanta, you can see Peachtree Road Race. This foot race is held each year on the fourth of July. It is considered as one of the biggest foot races in the world.

Atlanta GA

Atlanta GA

Atlanta Facts 7: airport

The business passenger airport in the world is located in Atlanta. The airport is called Peachtree Road Race.

Atlanta Facts 8: Stone Mountain

If you like to enjoy a unique landscape in Atlanta, you can see Stone Mountain. The location of this mountain is on 16 miles of downtown Atlanta. The mountain has the largest bas relief sculpture in the world. It features Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis.

Atlanta skyline

Atlanta skyline

Atlanta Facts 9: Nobel Peace Price

Atlanta is also famous with the Nobel Peace Prize achieved by President Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King Jr. It is considered as one of the two cities in the world which becomes the home for the Nobel peace prize.

Atlanta Facts 10: coca cola

As I have stated before this is the home to the world famous soft drink company coca cola. In 1886, Dr. John S. Pemberton invented coca cola in the city.

Atlanta facts

Atlanta facts

One of the famous recreational places in Atlanta is The Six Flags Over Georgia theme park. The name is derived from the 6 flags will fly over Georgia. The flags include England, Georgia, liberty, Spain US, and confederate states of America. Are you satisfied with facts about Atlanta?

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