10 Interesting Coventry Facts

Wednesday, December 18th 2013. | Cities

If you look for a new place for vacation with your family, you need to see Coventry facts below. This city is located in Great Britain. You will never regret when visiting the city because it has many things to offer. You will love to stay in a hotel located in coastal area. Find out more facts about Coventry in the post below:

Coventry Facts 1: location

It is so easy to reach Coventry from London or even Birmingham. If you are bored with the tourist attraction in both cities, you can go to Coventry. You just need to have one hour journey from London. If you take train from Birmingham, you only need 15 minutes.

Coventry Facts 2: average cost

If you only have limited cash in the pocket, you can choose Coventry for the tourism objects. When you visit a Coventry pub, you just need to spend £2.15 for a pint. In a week, you just have to spend £50. The cost of living in Coventry is considered as the third cheapest city in the country.

Coventry cathedral

Coventry cathedral

Coventry Facts 3: development

Coventry is not really remote. You can see that the city is developed. You can see a lot of busy worksites filled with cranes in the city. It is a good view in the evening.

Coventry Facts 4: Nightlife

Even though Coventry is considered as small city, it has nightlife. You can go to a wide array of pubs, bars and clubs. Meet new people here.

Coventry city center

Coventry city center

Coventry Facts 5: Wednesday night

You can enjoy a student night in Wednesday if you visit some clubs, bars or pubs in Coventry. One of the most extravagant clubs in the city is Kasbah. See Stonehenge facts for a unique attraction in UK.

Coventry Facts 6: Shopping

Those who love shopping can do it here. You can go the the West Orchard and Precinct Shopping center.

Coventry city center

Coventry city center

Coventry Facts 7: safety

There is no need to worry about the crime in Coventry. This city is ranked as the fourth safest city in the country. You can walk along in the street without any one bothering you.

Coventry Facts 8: Restaurants

Food is very important to taste when you visit a new city. You can enjoy various chains of foods here such as Old Orleans and Pizza Express. Don’t forget to try the local food.

Coventry city

Coventry city

Coventry Facts 9: Culture

Look at the culture of the people living in Coventry. You need to enjoy the history by visiting the refurbished Herbert Air Gallery And Museum.

Coventry Facts 10: easy accommodation

Exploring Coventry is easy to do. You can reach the shopping area in only 20 minutes. The city center and bus station is easily reached. Visit Golden Gate Bridge facts for wonderful attraction.

Coventry museum

Coventry museum

The bus service is very helpful. You just have to reach the Pool Meadow Station located in the center of Coventry to get around. Are you satisfied with facts about Coventry?

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