10 Interesting Manila Facts

Thursday, July 3rd 2014. | Cities

Manila Facts present the information about the capital city of Philippines. The country is a home to more than 90 million people. It is applied on the 12th position of the most populous country in the world. If you want to know more about Manila, you need to read the following post below:

Manila Facts 1: population

Let’s talk about the population of the people living in Manila. This capital city is a home to 11,099,800 people.

Manila Facts 2: climate

Manila sits on the tropical area. The average temperature in the city is around 89 degree F.  In July, the temperature sits on 82 degree F.  In January, it comes with the temperature at 79 degree F. During the winter and fall seasons, you need to be aware with the rainfall and monsoons. The summer and spring seasons are very dry and hot.

Manila Facts

Manila Facts

Manila Facts 3: natural resources

The city is famous with its wonderful natural resources.  People can have copper, gold, nickel, petroleum, timber, salt and cobalt from the city.

Manila Facts 4: topography

Living in Manila is wonderful if you can get friendly with the nature. You can find rich valleys, tropical rain forests, extinct volcanoes and swampy regions in Manila.

Manila Image

Manila Image

Manila Facts 5: ethnic mix

Manila is not only a home to the local people.  1.5 percent of the people here are Chinese. 4 percent of them are Muslim Malay. The majority people which make up 91.5 percent are the Christian Malay.

Manila Facts 6: things to see in Manila

There are many things to see when you are in Manila.  You can visit Chinatown, New Manila, San Juan, Downtown Manila, Pasay and Malacanang Palace.

Manila Pic

Manila Pic

Manila Facts 7: Tourist Destinations

If you want to have a great vacation in Manila, you can visit the famous destinations. You can go to Forbes Town, Makati Commercial Center, Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, Cultural Center Complex and Manila American Memorial Cemetery.

Manila Facts 8: sister cities

It is a surprising fact to know that Manila has some sister city. They include Bucharest in Romania, Honolulu in America, Sydney in Australia and Havana in Cuba.

Manila Skyline

Manila Skyline

Manila Facts 9: Rizal Park

One of the most important sites in Manila is Rizal Park.  The park is used to honor Jose Rizal. He was the national hero. He was executed here. Check Jose Rizal facts here.

Manila Facts 10: parks and green areas

There are many parks and green areas that you can enjoy in Manila. You can come to Paco Park, Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, Liwasang Bonifacio, Malacañang Garden, Rajah Sulayman Park, Remedios Circle, and Cultural Center of the Philippines.



If you want to go shopping in Manila, you can go to Plaza Balagtas and Plaza Miranda. Do you want to comment on facts about Manila?

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