10 Interesting Hessen Germany Facts

Monday, March 24th 2014. | Cities

If you need a fabulous place for vacation with family, you have to read Hessen Germany facts. Hessen Germany probably is not as popular as Hamburg, Munich or Berlin. However, you are served with unique, attractive and good scenery in this area.

Hessen Germany Facts 1: Unique attraction

Hessen sometimes is also called Hesse. It offers you with wonderful view, medieval towns rolling hills, health spas and scenic region.

Hessen Germany Facts 2: business travelers

Many business travelers recognized Hessen because of Rhein-Main airport and Frankfurt metropolis area. You can find out many lovely towns in Hessen. In the north part, you can see Kellerwald, Knüll, Kaufunger, Hoher Meissner and Wald. You can find many low mountains ranges here.

Hessen Germany Building

Hessen Germany Building

Hessen Germany Facts 3: a gliding centre

If you love gliding, you can to go Hesse. In 1924, the first gliding school in the world was opened in Hesse.  If you want to learn on how to glide, you just have to go to Mount Wasserkuppe in the Rhön hills.

Hessen Germany Facts 4: rivers

There are some major rivers that you can visit when you are in Hessen. You can go to Eder, Lahn, Kinzig, Main, and Fulda. If you want to visit the lowlands in Hessen, you can go to hessisches Ried.

Hessen Germany Castle

Hessen Germany Castle

Hessen Germany Facts 5: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is one of the famous fairy tales in the world. If you want to know the castle of sleeping beauty, you need to go to Sababurg. During the 16th century, it was surrounded by a 3 meter high thorn hedge.

Hessen Germany Facts 6: activities

There are many kinds of wonderful activities that you can do when you are in Hessen Germany. You can go sightseeing, cycling, fishing, and lodging. You need to decide the activities based on the season. If you go here during the winter season, you can have a cross country skiing. The summer season is good for the water sport activities.

Hessen Germany Facts

Hessen Germany Facts

Hessen Germany Facts 7: Bergstrasse region

If you want to enjoy the Italian flair while visiting Hessen, you can go to Bergstrasse region. You are served with olives trees, fig and almond here.

Hessen Germany Facts 8: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are several areas in Hessen Germany which are included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those include Kloster Lorsch, Upper Middle Rhine valley and Grube Messel.

Hessen Germany Scene

Hessen Germany Scene

Hessen Germany Facts 9: new world heritage

In summer 2013, UNESCO added the Hercules Monument and Water features in Kassel as the newest world heritage from Germany.

Hessen Germany Facts 10: population

Hessen Germany is the home to 6,060,841 people.  It is considered as the seventh largest state in Germany with the size of 21,114 km².

Hessen Germany

Hessen Germany

One of the impressive cathedrals in Germany is St. Georg’s Dom. It offers people with the scene of an old town. What do you think on facts about Hessen Germany?

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