10 Interesting George Mueller Facts

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George Mueller facts can be your effort in how to learn about autobiography. For any of you who didn’t ever hear about him, you can learn from the facts that I want to provide here.

George Mueller Facts 1: Prussian

If you want to study about George Mueller’s trivia, you should know his childhood first. He was Prussian by birth indeed. Although he was from Prussia, he lived mostly of his life in England especially Bristol. It was basic to learn about.

George Mueller Facts 2:  childhood

In his childhood, he was much uncontrolled boy. People recognized him as liar and thief when he was a boy. Later he turned into Christ and had the need in providing more than 10,000 orphans. He only trusted God to help him with this necessity.

George Mueller Old

George Mueller Old

George Mueller Facts 3:  answer of prayers

He testified and also said that he knew approximately 50,000 detailed answers to his prayers. This was so much debatable among people in the time.

George Mueller Facts 4: travel

In his life, he also had conducted travel. It was more than 200,000 miles of travel that he had spent. Such travelling was before the aviation age actually.

George Mueller Old

George Mueller Old

George Mueller Facts 5: anti-debt

He was a man who didn’t like suffering in debt to anything or anyone. He didn’t want to pay for anything which is not in cash. He didn’t like to gain in debt for anything.

George Mueller Facts 6: reliance to the God

After his marriage with his wife, he really depended on God to fulfill any of their necessity. They didn’t even care about people to deal with their need in life. The income that he got was only from renting of pews. He really depended on God.

George Mueller Pic

George Mueller Pic

George Mueller Facts 7: letter answering

He once answered 3,000 letters a year without any help from secretary. This had been considered to be so much amusing work by a man.

George Mueller Facts 8:  preaching

He and his wife had conducted traveling for approximately 17 years.  It was the effort of world-wide evangelism. It was within 42 countries. They had conducted preaching for about 3 million people.

George Mueller

George Mueller

George Mueller Facts 9: orphan reunion

It was on October 19, 1878 in the age of 71 year old. It was most touching reunion with orphan.

George Mueller Facts 10: the God’s role

There was the time when he got no money and food to feed their children. Later, the miracle happens when a baker and milkman send him some food.

George Muller

George Muller

The facts about George Mueller will really help you to understand better about this person. So, are you satisfied with it?

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