10 Interesting Cheryl Cole Facts

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If you are a fan of a British singer, you have to look at Cheryl Cole facts. Cheryl Cole is not only beautiful. She is also one of the best female singers in the world. You can find her in many advertisements. Once she was a judge in the most popular show, The X factor. Find out more about her in the following post:

Cheryl Cole Facts 1: date of birth

Cheryl Cole is only her popular name. She actually was born with the name of Cheryl Ann Tweedy on 30th June 1983 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Cheryl Cole Facts 2: The Royal Ballet’s summer

As a child Cole is not a shy person. She loves to show her talent. When she was nine years old, she was enrolled to the Royal Ballet Summer School where she could increase her dancing ability.

Cheryl Cole facts

Cheryl Cole facts

Cheryl Cole Facts 3: modeling

Cole’s talent in the entertainment industry is not wasted. When she was still a child, she appeared in various kinds of advertisement. You can also see her in modeling world.

Cheryl Cole Facts 4: Popstars: The Rivals

Popstars: The Rivals is her breakthrough to stardom. It was in the age of 19 years old that she had an audition in the talent show in UK.   Then it was announced that she and other contestants including Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding were selected.

Cheryl Cole fashion

Cheryl Cole fashion

Cheryl Cole Facts 5: Girls Aloud

All of the winners in the audition were collected in a female group named Group Aloud. Cole spent her 7 years in the group before she went as a solo artist.

Cheryl Cole Facts 6: top chart

This girl band was very popular in Britain. The UK charts were dominated by the songs of this girl band.

Cheryl Cole in Maroon

Cheryl Cole in Maroon

Cheryl Cole Facts 7: BRIT Award

Girl Aloud was the winner for the best single in BRIT Award for The Promise song. After this success, the group decided to vacuum for a year.

Cheryl Cole Facts 8: no reunion

It seems that people missed Girl Aloud. After three years of hiatus, there is no sign that the girl band will have a new album. Everyone blames it on Cheryl because she is now very successful with her solo career.

Cheryl Cole singer

Cheryl Cole singer

Cheryl Cole Facts 9: Fight for this Love

Fight for this Love was her first single when she began her solo career. It quickly sat on the first position of the charts.

Cheryl Cole Facts 10: Cheryl Cole’s Night In

Her popularity did not sink there. Cheryl Cole’s Night In was very successful.  There were more than five million people watched this program in December 2009.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

In 2011, she was signed as the judge of the American version of The X Factor. However, she was fired from the job soon for she was not really popular in US. Do you have any opinion on facts about Cheryl Cole?

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