10 Interesting Marquis De Lafayette Facts

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Marquis De Lafayette Facts provide the information about one of the important figures during the American Revolution. Lafayette was born on 6 September 1757 at Chavaniac, France. Look at the following post if you want to get informed more about Lafayette.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 1: parents

His mother was Marie de La Rivière, while his father was Michel du Motier. His father was killed at the battle of Minden in August 1759. He worked as a colonel in French army.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 2: education

Since the death of his father, he was raised by his mother and grandparents. He studied at Collège du Plessis and the Versailles Academy. The young Marquis was interested to have a military training too. On 9 April 1771, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Musketeer of Guard.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts

Marquis De Lafayette Facts

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 3: Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles

On 11 April 1774, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles and Marquis De Lafayette married.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 4: promoted as a captain

Marquis was promoted as a captain in Noailles Dragoons Regiment through Adrienne’s dowry. He met commander of the Army of the East, Comte de Broglie when he was trained at Metz in 1775. He was invited to join the freemasons by de Broglie.

Marquis De Lafayette Image

Marquis De Lafayette Image

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 5: tension between American colonies and Britain

By affiliating on the Freemason group, Lafayette found out the tension between the American colonies and Britain. He became an abolitionist of slavery and an advocate for the right man after he participated in Freemasons.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 6: assigned to Britain

When Lafayette met Silas Deane, an American agent, he wanted to serve the American service as a major general. However, his father in law objected his decision and made him serve Britain instead. When he was in London under the position, he met Major General Sir Henry Clinton who would become his future enemy.

Marquis De Lafayette Images

Marquis De Lafayette Images

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 7: Battle of Brandywine

The first action of Marquis in the American service can be seen in Battle of Brandywine on 11 September 1777. He was assigned as Washington’s staff. Check George Washington Facts here.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 8: invasion of Canada

Marquis had a responsibility to make an invasion to Canada by the war Board after he rejoined the army at Valley Forge.

Marquis De Lafayette Pic

Marquis De Lafayette Pic

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 9: Battle of Monmouth

People can also see the brave action of Marquis in Battle of Monmouth. At that time, Washington wanted to attack Clinton when he was in New York.  Lafayette and Green went to Rhode Island to give a help for Sullina to throw away the British army from the American colony.

Marquis De Lafayette Facts 10: Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was the man who considered as a traitor. When Lafayette was sent by Washington to Virginia, he had a mission against Arnold.

Marquis De Lafayette

Marquis De Lafayette

Lafayette seems a good spy. He monitored the activities of British army until Washington came in September. Actually he was almost trapped during the Battle of Green Spring. Do you want to say something on facts about Marquis De Lafayette?

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