10 Interesting Adele Facts

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. | People

If you want to know one of the best singers in the world, you can see Adele facts. Many people love her songs. She has a wonderful voice that make people melted when hearing she sings on stage. “Someone like you” is one of her biggest songs ever. People love it much because of the lyricism and music. Here are some fascinating facts about Adele to know:

Adele Facts 1: Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki is Adele’s boyfriend. Even though now she is pregnant, she is never off the radio. The 24- year old Adele is so happy to announce her pregnancy.

Adele Facts2: name

Do you know the full name of Adele? She was born with the name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She prefers to be called as Adele as her stage name.



Adele Facts 3: favorite singers

There are some favorite singers that Adele like the most. Some of them include Dusty Springfield and Etta James. Both influenced Adele much when she composes songs. It is stated that when she was in Classic section of HMV, she wanted to have a new hair cut.

Adele Facts 4: Rise

The song Rise by Gabrielle is the first song that Adele sung when she was at school. She gained the limelight on this occasion. People were impressed with her voice. She definitely looks like a singer.

adele album

adele album

Adele Facts 5: debut album

Her debut album was composed by Adele when she was only 19 years old. When she was 21 years old, she continued to make the new album.

Adele Facts 6: microsurgery

Sad news from Adele occurred in 2011.  She had to go under the knife because of the throat microsurgery. The doctor advices her to stop smoking. But it seems that Adele was reluctant to do that because she thinks that smoking is her favorite thing to do. We do not know whether she is still smoking or not during her pregnancy.

Adele Facts

Adele Facts

Adele Facts 7: achievement

Adele is a talented singer. People love her much. Her appearance on Saturday Night Live smashed the American people. You can also see her in a cameo appearance of Ugly Betty. In 2011, her album is considered as the first female singer who can get the highest selling album and top song.

Adele Facts 8: creativity

There is a unique thing about Adele. In an interview she stated that she was so creative when she drunk.

Adele singer

Adele singer

Adele Facts 9: ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Adele’s fans are not only general people. You know that ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent her a fan mail. It was very surprising for Adele to get such as good respect.

Adele Facts 10: Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is her miniature dachshund.

Adele Winner

Adele Winner

What kinds of award that Adele has? It was very surprising to recognize that Adele has six Grammy awards. Definitely they are so difficult to carry. Do you want to ask more on facts about Adele?

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