10 Interesting Warren G. Harding Facts

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Read Warren G. Harding Facts to know more about the 29th president of United States. On 4th March 1921, he took the presidential office until his death in 1923. His birth date was on 2nd November 1865. He died on 2nd August 1923. His full name was Warren Gamaliel Harding. He was recognized as a popular president at the time of his death. However, some scandals attributed to him decreased his popularity among the people. The scandals included his relationship with Nan Britton and Teapot Dome. He is included in the list of the worst presidents according to the historical ranking of presidents in United States.

Warren G. Harding Facts 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Harding was located in Blooming Grove, Ohio. He spent most of his life in the rural Ohio.

Warren G. Harding Facts 2: The Marion Star

The Marion Star was purchased Harding in his early life. He made it into a successful newspaper.

Warren G. Harding Coin

Warren G. Harding Coin

Warren G. Harding Facts 3: the political career

Harding had amazing political career before he was a president of US. He made into Ohio State Senate in 1899. In 1910, he was not successful to take the position as a governor. In 1914, he was elected for United States Senate.

Warren G. Harding Facts 4: running for president

In 1920, Harding tried to become the president of United States through the Republicans. At first, he did not earn a lot of support. General Leonard Wood, one of the leading candidates in the campaign was not capable to secure his position. The deadlock occurred in the Republican convention. Check facts about H.G. Wells here.

Warren G. Harding Pic

Warren G. Harding Pic

Warren G. Harding Facts 5: the growth of popularity

The popularity of Harding was increased during the tenth ballot.

Warren G. Harding Facts 6: the campaign style

He allowed the people to come to him for he employed the front porch campaign.

Warren G. Harding Facts

Warren G. Harding Facts

Warren G. Harding Facts 7: as a president of United States

Harding became the president of United States after he defeated Eugene Debs from the Socialist party and James M. Cox from Democrat.

Warren G. Harding Facts 8: the appointed figures

The important figures appointed in his offices included Charles Evans Hughes for the State Department and Andrew Mellon at the Treasury. The Commerce was at the hand of Herbert Hoover. Look at facts about Sir Walter Raleigh here.

Warren G. Harding 1919

Warren G. Harding 1919

Warren G. Harding Facts 9: corruption

Attorney General Harry Daugherty and Interior Secretary Albert Fall were the two important figures implicated for corruption in the office of Harding.

Warren G. Harding Facts 10: death of Harding

Harding died due to a heart attack. Calvin Coolidge was the vice president who took his place as the US president.

Warren G. Harding 1882

Warren G. Harding 1882

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