10 Interesting Megalodon Facts

Friday, July 18th 2014. | Animals

If you want to find out the prehistoric animal, you need to read Megalodon Facts. Megalodon is called as the biggest prehistory shark ever lived on earth. It was also famous as the largest predatory marine animal in the world. If you want to know the features, physical appearance and behavior of Megalodon, read the following post below:

Megalodon Facts 1: teeth

Do you know that Megalodon has the giant tooth? The length of the teeth is around 7 inches.  They are longer if you compare the teeth with the ones owned by Greek White sharks.

Megalodon Facts 2: Nicholas Steno

Nicholas Steno was a court physician who identified the shark teeth belong to Megalodon in 17th century. Because of this important finding, Steno was called as the first paleontologist in the world.

megalodon animal

megalodon animal

Megalodon Facts 3: the bite

The bite of Megalodon was very powerful. The biting power applied the force between 10.8 and 18.2 tons. The shark could bite a skull of a prehistory whale just like eating a grape.

Megalodon Facts 4: length

The exact length of Megalodon is still a debate until this present day.  Paleontologists estimate that it grew with the length of more than 60 feet.

megalodon facts

megalodon facts

Megalodon Facts 5: weight

Can you estimate the weight of Megalodon? It can come up to 100 tons.

Megalodon Facts 6: Liopleurodon and Kronosaurus

Kronosaurus and Liopleurodon are considered very big since their weight which can come around 30 to 40 tons. If you compare them with Megalodon, you will be amazed. Megalodon has the weight more than 100 tons.

megalodon image

megalodon image

Megalodon Facts 7: diet

Can you guess the diet of Megalodon? It ate the prehistoric whale, Miocene epochs, fish, squids, krill, and dolphins. Find out giant squid facts here.

Megalodon Facts 8: fins

Megalodon tended to attack their prey by biting the fins.

megalodon pic

megalodon pic

Megalodon Facts 9: Great White Shark

The close relation of a Megalodon was Great white shark. The scientific name of Megalodon is Carcharodon megalodon, while great white shark has the scientific name Carcharodon carcharias. Both belong in the similar genus as Megalodon.

Megalodon Facts 10: fossils

The fossils of Megalodon can be found all over the world. They lived in warm water ocean.



Megalodon is considered as a powerful animal. But no one knows why this animal was extinct from the world. Are you interested with facts about Megalodon?

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