10 Interesting Space Exploration Facts

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Find out the detail Space Exploration Facts in the following explanation below. The people use the space technology to explore this celestial structure. The exploration is not easy to do for it requires a lot of money to cover the researches or even build the tools to travel men on the outer space. The exploration can be conducted by human being, or even the unmanned robotic probes. Here are other interesting facts about space exploration for you:

Space Exploration Facts 1: rocket

Human being has dreamed to explore the space. They have observed the outer space long time ago. But the development of rocket which makes the dream comes true.

Space Exploration Facts 2: a competition

In the past, there was a fierce competition between United States and Soviet Union to explore the space.

Space Exploration Image

Space Exploration Image

Space Exploration Facts 3: the first manmade object

Sputnik I is considered as the first manmade object to orbit our planet. On 4 October 1957, it was launched on the orbit or earth by USSR.

Space Exploration Facts 4: American Apollo 11

On 20 July 1969, the American Apollo 11 craft took the record as the first Moon landing. It marked the new history of space exploration.

Space Exploration Tools

Space Exploration Tools

Space Exploration Facts 5: The Soviet space program

The Soviet space program is also important during the history of space exploration. Yuri Gagarin had the first human spaceflight with Vostok 1 in 1957. On 18 March 1965, Aleksei Leonov had the first spacewalk in 1961. In 1971, the first space station was launched by Soviet space program. Get facts about Kuiper Belt here.

Space Exploration Facts 6: Republic of China

The successful manned spaceflight program was initiated by Republic of China in 2000s. It inspired other countries such as India, Japan and European Union to have a manned space mission.

Space Exploration USA

Space Exploration USA

Space Exploration Facts 7: the plan to the moon

In 21st century, the manned mission to the moon has been advocated by India, Japan, Russia and China. The mission for Mars and Moon has been advocated by European Union in 20th or 21st century.

Space Exploration Facts 8: space tourism

Now people begin to spread the idea of space tourism. Therefore, the common people can enjoy a sense of adventure by spending their time on the space. Get facts about meteoroid here.

Space Exploration

Space Exploration

Space Exploration Facts 9: Sputnik 1

On 4 October 1957, Sputnik 1 was launched on the orbit of earth. The weight of this satellite is 183 lb or 83 kilogram.

Space Exploration Facts 10: the first woman in space

On 16 June 1963, Valentina Tereshkova orbited Vostok 6.

Space Exploration Facts

Space Exploration Facts

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