10 Interesting the Great Depression Facts

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Great Depression facts present the information about one of the gloomiest eras in US. The era occurred when the president of US was Herbert Hoover. This republican man told the people that US has passed the worst era in the economic system. In reality, it got much worse with great depression era. Here are the complete facts about great depression:

Great Depression Facts 1: Hoovervilles

Hoovervilles are the people who lost their home during the great depression. There are many items named after the president during this era such as the Hoover Blanket. It was used to refer on the newspaper served as blankets. Hoover Wagons were the broken cars pulled by mules. The Hoover Stew was the food dished out in soup kitchen.

Great Depression Facts 2: Wall Street Crush

One of the main causes of Greet Depression was the crush of Wall Street in 1929. The crush occurred in several days. Thus, people called the crash with Black Monday, Black Thursday, and Black Tuesday. The most severe one was Tuesday.

Great Depression Era

Great Depression Era

Great Depression Facts 3: Al Capone

Al Capone was a Chicago gangster who lived in 1899 to 1947. He opened a soup kitchen during the great depression.

Great Depression Facts 4: Black Tuesday

Black Tuesday occurred on 29 October 1929. This day made the market lost the cash for around $14 billion.  In a week, the market lost $30 million.

Great Depression Facts

Great Depression Facts

Great Depression Facts 5: Dow Jones Market

The peak of Dow Jones market was on 3 September 1929. It came in the position of 381.

Great Depression Facts 6: A Wave of Suicides

A wave of suicides was higher during the great depression. Many people got bankrupt and ended their life. Most of them lived in New York financial districts.

Great Depression

Great Depression

Great Depression Facts 7: Causes

The causes of great depression were various. Even though people were still debated on this issue, many of them think that it was occurred because of the overproduction, weak banking system and bursting credit bubble.

Great Depression Facts 8: Dorothy Lange

The record of the moving pictorial record of great depression was photographed by Dorothy Lange. The pictures depicted the life for the migrant workers in 1930s in California.

Jobless People

Jobless People

Great Depression Facts 9: Fashion

There was a new wave of fashion. Due to the economic crisis, the designers gave people with affordable fashion items.  They dressed in less make up, lower heels, longer hemline and slim waistlines. People did not need to buy new dresses for they could make it nice with more accessories.

Great Depression Facts 10: Children

The children during the era were devastating. 50 percent children did not have access to medical care, shelter, and food.

migrant mother

migrant mother

The worst time of great depression occurred from 1933 to 1934. The job rate at that time was 25 percent. The gross in the nation decreased up to 50 percent. What do you think on facts about great depression?

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