10 Interesting the Byzantine Empire Facts

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The Byzantine Empire Facts discuss the history of one of the greatest empires in the world.  The empire spanned for almost 1,125 years. Many people know the word byzantine for it is always linked with devious, complex and intricate dealing.  It was considered as the capital in Eastern Roman Empire. People called it Constantinople because it was known as Byzantium. Today, people call the city Istanbul. Find other interesting facts about the Byzantine Empire below:

The Byzantine Empire Facts 1: the Dark Ages

During the Dark Ages, many areas of Western Europe lost their tradition. But the Roman and Greek tradition was still preserved in the vibrant society in Byzantine Empire. Get facts about roman empire here.

The Byzantine Empire Facts 2: the Renaissance Era

The Renaissance Era was triggered due to the amazing Roman and Greek masterworks preserved by the Byzantine Empire.

The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire Facts 3: Byzantine Empire history

Byzantine Empire is the Eastern Roman Empire.  During the end of Antiquity and middle Ages, the Roman Empire in the East was still preserved under the name Byzantine Empire. In 5th century AD, the Western Roman Empire fell off, but the Eastern Roman Empire still existed as the fragmentation of the fall.

The Byzantine Empire Facts 4: the end of Byzantine Empire

In 1453, the Ottoman Turks took over the Byzantine Empire and ended this empire. During its gold age, this empire has the most powerful military, culture and economy.

The Byzantine Empire Pictures

The Byzantine Empire Pictures

The Byzantine Empire Facts 5: the citizens

Even though people recognize it as Byzantine Empire, the citizens called it Roman Empire. Check facts about Roman soldiers here.

The Byzantine Empire Facts 6: Constantine I

The empire was re-organized by Constantine I. He had the new capital located in Constantinople. Christianity was legalized in the empire. It was used as the official state religion of Byzantine Empire under the reign of Theodosius I.

The Byzantine Empire Pic

The Byzantine Empire Pic

The Byzantine Empire Facts 7: the usage of Greek

Greek was used officially in Byzantine Empire instead of Latin under the reign of Heraclius. Moreover, this emperor also re-structured the administration and military.

The Byzantine Empire Facts 8: the characters

Orthodox Christianity was one of the main characteristics of Byzantine Empire.  The modern historians believed that Byzantine Empire was totally different from the ancient Rome.

The Byzantine Empire Map

The Byzantine Empire Map

The Byzantine Empire Facts 9: the greatest era

The greatest era of Byzantine Empire was under the rule of Justinian I. The empire covered Rome, Italy and North Africa.

The Byzantine Empire Facts 10: the recreation and cuisine

At first, the cuisine and recreation of Byzantine Empire reflected the Late Greco-Roman style. Then it reflected the modern Balkan and Anatolian culture in the next millennium.

The Byzantine Empire Facts

The Byzantine Empire Facts

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