10 Interesting Chimpanzee Facts

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Here are the chimpanzee facts giving your more information about one of the closest relatives of human being. It is stated that chimpanzee share 95 to 98 percent similar DNA with human being. Just like us, they can be infected too by the diseases that we usually get infected. To find out more information, see the following post.

Chimpanzee Facts 1: Using Tools

Not all of animals in the world can use tools. But chimpanzee can be one of the rarest animals who use tools to do the daily activities. It can use the tool to hunt or make food.

Chimpanzee Facts 2: Habitat of Chimpanzee

The concentration of the biggest chimpanzees in the world is located in 21 African countries. They e inhabit the equatorial forest belt or rain forest. The forest is abundant with food and greenery.Check amazon rainforest facts for moer information about it.

chimpanzee facts

chimpanzee facts

Chimpanzee Facts 3: Lifelong Family Bonds

Lifelong family bonds are important in their life. Mother and child will always come and live together side by side. When the child is still small, she will look after the baby.

Chimpanzee Facts 4: Omnivores

Chimpanzees are considered as omnivores. They eat any kinds of food like insect, grasshopper, nuts, fruits, leaves, blossom and many more. The medium sized animals can be their food too. If you want to know the animals and plants habitat, see the following grasslands facts.

chimpanzee group

chimpanzee group

Chimpanzee Facts 5: Communication

Each animal has their own way to communicate with others. Chimpanzees will use calls and sounds when they want to communicate with other chimpanzees. The body language, facial expression and touch can be seen as a form of communication.

Chimpanzee Facts 6: Loss of Habitat

The habitat of chimpanzees in this present day is getting decreased. The forest is transformed into an agricultural land. The human activity is also increased since it contains many natural resources. The logging and mining is increased. The global warming also affects the forest because of firewood.

chimpanzee with tigers

chimpanzee with tigers

Chimpanzee Facts 7: Endangered Animal

Just like any other species chimpanzees are considered as endangered animals. It is estimated that more than 300,000 individuals of chimpanzees live in the wild area.

Chimpanzee Facts 8: A Good Leaner

Chimpanzee is a good learner. When they live in captivity, they will be taught to use American Sign Language to communicate with human being.



Chimpanzee Facts 9: Playing Games

Not only human can get bored. Chimpanzees also face the similar thing if they have nothing to do. To banish the boring mood, chimpanzees will make a game to make them cheerful and joyous.

Chimpanzee Facts 10: Nests

Chimpanzees will sleep in their nest. It is made from branches, twigs and leaves every night.  But the animals will never sleep in similar nest.

funny chimpanzee

funny chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are included as one of the greatest apes along with bonobos, orang utan and gorillas. In the captivity, they can live up to 60 years, while in the wild Chimpanzees mostly live up to 50 years. The wild Chimpanzees occupy Africa. Do you like reading the facts about Chimpanzee above?

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