10 Interesting Squid Facts

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Squid Facts present the information about the cephalopods included in the order of Teuthida. The arms, mantle, bilateral symmetry and head of squid are very different from other cephalopods. There are around 304 species included in the order Teuthida. Squid has two tentacles and 8 arms.  You can find them living inside the water.  They are considered as avid swimmer. Here are some interesting facts about squid:

Squid Facts 1: the swimming fin

The swimming fin is located on each side of the squid. The mantle covers the main body of squid. In most species, the fins are not used for locomotion. Therefore, the fins of squid are unique.

Squid Facts 2: changing color

It is very easy for squid to change the body color to blend with the surrounding area. Therefore, they can hide from the predators due to the invisible body. It gives the squid the perfect camouflage. Get facts about sponge here.

Facts about Squid

Facts about Squid

Squid Facts 3: the intelligence

What do you think about the intelligence of squid? If you compare it with other invertebrates, they have high intelligence. The active communication is employed by the Humboldt squid to hunt food cooperatively.

Squid Facts 4: the specimen of penis

The nonerect penis is shown on Onykia ingens. However, there are some species which show the erection of penis up to 67 cm. Find  facts about sparrow here.

Longfin Inshore Squid

Longfin Inshore Squid

Squid Facts 5: the size of squid

Let’s find out the size of the common squids. It can reach the length at 24 inches or 60 cm. The giant squid may reach the length at 43 feet or 13 meter.

Squid Facts 6:Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni is the biological name of the colossal squid. The specimen was discovered in 2003. The length of the squid is 46 feet or 14 meter.

Squid Picture

Squid Picture

Squid Facts 7: the eyes

The eyes of squids are the largest one in the animal kingdom.

Squid Facts 8: the legend

There is a legend about the squid. Some people believe that the kraken known as the tentacle monster was seen based on the view of real giant squid.

Common Squid

Common Squid

Squid Facts 9: the colossal squid

The weight of the colossal squid was around 1,091 lb or 495 kg caught by a New Zealand fishing vessel in February 2007.

Squid Facts 10: the commercial fishing

Squid is considered as a good commodity. Therefore, the commercial fishing also focuses to catch squid.  The squid is consumed by the people who live in Vietnam, Japan, Italy, Greece, England, China, Canada, America, Tunisia, Spain and Korea.

Squid Image

Squid Image

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