10 Interesting Termite Facts

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Termite Facts tell you about the animals included in the order Blattodea. In the past, termite and cockroach are located in different order. But now termite is included in the order Blattodea along with cockroach because both animals were from the close ancestors based on the current phylogenetic studies. Let’s find out other interesting facts about termite below:

Termite Facts 1: the emergence of the first termites

The experts believe that during the Permian or Carboniferous era, the first termites came out.

Termite Facts 2: the species

It is estimated that the experts have described around 3,106 species of termites. There are few hundreds of species of termites which have not been described by the experts.

Termite Pic

Termite Pic

Termite Facts 3: the nicknames

The people often call termites as white ants. But they are not ants. The ants are included in the order Hymenoptera along with wasps and bees.

Termite Facts 4: the labors

Termites divide the labors in the colonies based on their castes. The fertile females are the queens, while the kings are the fertile males.  The soldiers and workers are the sterile male and female termites.

Termite Pictures

Termite Pictures

Termite Facts 5: the primary diet

Let’s find out the primary diet of termites. They like to eat the cellulose and dead plant materials. The food can be taken from the soil, leaf litter, wood or even animal dung. Termites are important to maintain the ecological system in some areas because they recycle the plant and wood matter.

Termite Facts 6: the colony of termites

You can find termites in many parts of the world except Antarctica. The members of the termite colony can reach a hundred termites to millions of termites. Get facts about sloth here.



Termite Facts 7: the lifespan of queen termite

Queen termite can live up to 50 years. Therefore, they have the longest lifestyle of any insects on earth.

Termite Facts 8: metamorphosis

The metamorphosis of termites is incomplete. The cycle is from the egg, nymph and adult. On the other hand, the ants have the complete metamorphosis.

Termite Facts

Termite Facts

Termite Facts 9: termites as food

In some human cultures, termites are considered as the delicious food. They are also used as the traditional medicines. Find facts about Tarsier here.

Termite Facts 10: as a pest

Termites are considered as pest in some countries in the world.  The plantation forest, crops and building are damaged because of termites. One of the invasive species is Cryptotermes brevis or West Indian drywood termite. The wooden structure in the building left unprotected is often eaten by the termites.

Facts about Termite

Facts about Termite

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