10 Interesting Energy Facts

Tuesday, July 9th 2013. | Technology

Energy facts show you the importance of energy in the life of human being. Without energy your daily will be paralyzed. When the night comes, you world will be like a dead city. The consumption of energy in the world is higher from year to year. Even though it brings positive ideas to the life of human being, the bad impact lies on the presence of global warming. Here are some facts to note on the energy:

Energy Facts 1: Light Bulb

If you want to save more energy when you turn on the light, choose the energy saving light like LED or CLF lamps. Avoid the traditional lamp because it only sues 10 percent of energy to create the light. The remaining 90 percent is used to create heats.

Energy Facts 2: Group of Energy

There are two groups’ energies that you should know. The first is the non-renewables one. It includes the natural gas, fossil fuel, coal, nuclear, and oil. The second one is the renewable energy. It consists of solar, geothermal, biomass, wind power and water.

Energy Facts

Energy Facts

Energy Facts 3: Usage of Energy in US

The America people are very consumptive about the usage of energy.  In every 20 years, the people double the need of their energy.

Energy Facts 4: Energy Consumption in the World

It is expected by the scientists that the consumption of energy used by the people in the world is increased up to 55 percent from 2008 to 2030.

Energy from Battery

Energy from Battery

Energy Facts 5: Hydroelectric Project

The three-Gorges Dam is located in China. It is considered as the most powerful hydroelectric project in the world. The power plants are equipped with six generators and give the people 22,000 megawatts.

Energy Facts 6: Nuclear Reactors

The nuclear reactor can be seen in various countries in the world because it can produce sufficient amount of energy. The biggest electricity produced by nuclear reactor is in US. The second one is located in France.

Energy from Lightning

Energy from Lightning

Energy Facts 7: Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the English polymath living from 1773 to 1829. He was the first man who used the word energy. This modern word was to replace the old word of vis viva.

Energy Facts 8: Petroleum

The US people are served with the biggest energy gained from petroleum rather from natural gas, solar or coal. People in US realize to use the renewable source of energy. Beside using solar, geothermal and wind, they also develop the hydropower project.

Gas Energy

Gas Energy

Energy Facts 9: Blackout

More than 50 million of people experienced a total blackout on 14 August 2004. The event was considered as the world biggest blackout. It happened not only in New York, US but also in Ontario, Canada.

Energy Facts 10: World Fact Book

World Fact Book 2008 reminded people about the estimation of fossil fuel energy in the world. It is stated that gas will last until 2065, while the oil lasts until 2052.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Each activity that we do in the daily life like watching TV, cook, and washing clothes uses energy. If the energy is gone, we can do nothing. What do you think on facts about energy?

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