10 Interesting Light Bulb Facts

Saturday, June 14th 2014. | Technology

Light Bulb facts explain one of the important inventions in 1800s.   The invention of a light bulb occurred in 1800s.  The life of the people changed because of a light bulb. You can enjoy great light at night. You can do more activities without seeing a dark night. Here are the facts about light bulb for you:

Light Bulb Facts 1: mass production

Light bulb is considered as one of the best inventions which affect of human being. It can be safely used by people. Therefore, since its first invention, light bulb has been produce massively.

Light Bulb Facts 2: environmental causes

Even though people realize that light bulb gives them a lot of benefits, the environmental organization finds out that the complements inside the light bulbs affect the water and soil. Read light facts here.

Light Bulb Facts

Light Bulb Facts

Light Bulb Facts 3: the traditional light bulb

There are many types of light bulbs that you can find on the stores. They come in different sizes, shapes and features. If you choose the traditional light bulb, the filament is very important when sending the electricity.

Light Bulb Facts 4: production of light

Besides using filament, people can use chemicals or gasses to produce light. If you look at the modern light bulk, it is equipped with a solid wire. The function is to create light by hitting an electrician charge.

Light Bulb Image

Light Bulb Image

Light Bulb Facts 5: types of light bulbs

Let’s find out the types of light bulbs. Some of them include metal halide, compact fluorescent, incandescent, tube fluorescent, LED lights, ultraviolet, high-pressure sodium vapor, tube fluorescent light and many more.

Light Bulb Facts 6: inventions

The invention of light bulbs was very important in the past. Many people did a research to make the safe light bulbs in 1800s.  The famous figures at that time include Thomas Edison and Joseph Wilson Swan.

Light Bulb on Table

Light Bulb on Table

Light Bulb Facts 7: mercury

Mercury is one of the dangerous components inside light bulbs and lamps.  The disposal of mercury without any careful attention can damage the purity of water and land.

Light Bulb Facts 8: disposal

Light bulbs and lamps should be disposed carefully. If you dispose the items on the landfill located in Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and California, you can get fines and stiff penalties.

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Light Bulb Facts 9: the dangerous product

Do you know that the third most dangerous product at home is a light bulb? This rank is based on the US Environmental Protection Agency.  There are 600 million light bulbs disposed in US each year.

Light Bulb Facts 10: mercury waste

By disposing the light bulb, people can see 30,000 pounds of mercury waste in US.

Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

If you want to use the technology such as light bulb, don’t forget to think about the environment. Are you satisfied with facts about light bulb?

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