10 Interesting European Union Facts

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European Union facts are informative. The people who want to know about the economic alliances need to find the facts behind this organization. Europe is one of the biggest continents in world in term of economic and social activities. By uniting, the countries in Europe will be more powerful. Here are the facts about European Union:

European Union Facts 1: toilet paper

Compared to the United Nations Declaration of Independence, the EU ECO label criteria have 56 percent longer words.

European Union Facts 2: Euro currency

It was in 2002 that the Euro currency was introduced to the world. Now most countries use it.



European Union Facts 3: current members

There are many members of European Union. Some of them include Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and many more. There are 28 members of countries in this organization

European Union Facts 4: Applicant Countries

There are several appliance countries for the members of European Union. Those are Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo.

European Union  map

European Union map

European Union Facts 5: candidate countries

There are several candidate countries which will be included in EU members. Those are the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland and Turkey.

European Union Facts 6: function

The main function of this organization is to govern the common security, social and economic policies. If you check the EU official website, you can find out the objectives of the organization in detail.

European Union  Meeting

European Union Meeting

European Union Facts 7: membership

Any country in the world can register as the member of EU. However, the country should have good record on the human right application, democratized government and good economic policies.

European Union Facts 8: the European Union capital

It is very interesting to know the European Union also has a capital city. It is located in Brussels, Belgium.

European Union conference

European Union conference

European Union Facts 9: bodies of EU

The operation of EU is divided in 5 primary bodies. Those are the Court of Auditors, European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the Union and Court of Justice.

European Union Facts 10: the members countries

Based on the timelines of EU, United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark became the members of the organization in 1973.

European Union facts

European Union facts

The main trading part of EU is United States. It seems that many countries in EU trade with US in various sectors. Do you have any opinion on facts about European Union?

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