10 Interesting Belgium Facts

Tuesday, November 19th 2013. | Countries

If you decide to have a wonderful vacation with family, see more Belgium facts. Belgium is one of the beautiful countries in the world. You will be fascinated with the landscape in Belgium. The city is very clean and beautiful. If you want to know more about the country, see the following explanation below.

Belgium Facts 1: castles

If you want to feel the ancient world when staying in Belgium, you need to visit the castles. Compared to any other countries in the world such as Britain or even Germany, this country have more castles to visit.

Belgium Facts 2: cable TV

It seems that the people living in Belgium love to watch the shows in cable TV. It is estimated that 97 percent households subscribe cable TV.

Belgian Food

Belgian Food

Belgium Facts 3: a charter of right

Belgium is one of the oldest countries in the world. This country is considered as the first one in Europe which got the charter of right in 1066.

Belgium Facts 4: the longest rail network

The longest rail network in the world is located in Belgium. If the track for the trail is summed, it can reach the length around 4078 kilometers.

Belgium brussels

Belgium brussels

Belgium Facts 5: Brussels

The capital city of Belgium is Brussels. Belgium is famous with their Brussels sprouts. They have grown up in the country for more than 400 years.

Belgium Facts 6: beers

Those who love to hang out with friends and enjoy different kinds of drink need to visit Belgium. In the country, there are more than 1000 different types of beers. All of them can be differentiated based on the characters, variety and flavor. Those beers usually are produced by more than 150 breweries in Belgium.

Belgium Facts

Belgium Facts

Belgium Facts 7: education

The government in Belgium realizes the importance for education. That’s why the education for the people is compulsory to achieve until they reach 18 years old.  It is considered as the highest compulsory educational systems in the world.

Belgium Facts 8: labour taxes

The labor taxes can present the economy of the inhabitants living in Belgium. It is considered as the highest one in Europe because it stands on the rate for 59.2 percent.  In average, European countries have 44.89 percent.

belgium view

belgium view

Belgium Facts 9: chocolate

Besides the beer, this country is also famous as the chocolate production in the world. In a year, it can generate at least 220,000 tons of chocolate. So, I can say that a Belgian can produce 22 kilogram of chocolate.

Belgium Facts 10: gay marriage

Living in Belgium is great. Those who want to have a gay marriage can do it here since the country legalize it in 2003.



It also legalized euthanasia in 2002. Do you have any opinion on facts about Belgium?

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