10 Interesting Ecuador Facts

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Find out the Ecuador facts in the following post. You will know the color of the flag, history and official language of Ecuador by the reading the facts. People need to learn about each country in the world if they want to broaden the knowledge:

Ecuador Facts 1: currency

When you visit Ecuador, you have to know the currency that the country uses to trade. Since 2001, the people living in Ecuador have used the US dollar.

Ecuador Facts 2: Sucre

Sucre is the name of currency before the Ecuador adapted the US dollars as their official currency in the country.

Ecuador Beach

Ecuador Beach

Ecuador Facts 3: production

The people living in Ecuador make a living in various ways. Most of them end up in a wide variety of business. This country is very well known as the producer of food processing, petroleum and textiles.

Ecuador Facts 4: volcanoes

When you visit Ecuador, you should never be surprised when you find out that this country has a lot of   volcanoes. They can be found active or inactive. So you have to be careful with them.

Ecuadorian boy

Ecuadorian boy

Ecuador Facts 5: flag

Do you know the color of the Ecuador’s flag? It has the color of red which resembles the right of the local people to seek independence. The blue color on the flag symbolizes the color of sea and sky. The yellow color reflects the diversity in the country.

Ecuador Facts 6: constitutional right

The first country included the nature inside their constitutional right is Ecuador. This right was established in 2008.

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Ecuador Facts 7: language

Even though there are many kinds of native languages spoken by the people in Ecuador, the local people use Spanish as the official language. Some people also speak English.

Ecuador Facts 8: religions

Most people living in Ecuador embrace Roman Catholic. It is about 95 percent of the population. The rest 5 percent embraces other kinds of religion.

ecuador facts

ecuador facts

Ecuador Facts 9: Quito

If you decide to visit Ecuador, you need o reach the capital city first. It is called Quito. The second populous city in Ecuador is here.

Ecuador Facts 10: independence Day

The people celebrate their independence day every 10th of August.

ecuador from the top

Ecuador from the top

Even though Ecuador is not included as the one of the developed countries in the world, this country is growing. If you want to enjoy natural beauty, this is a good country to visit. Please comment on facts about Ecuador?

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