10 Interesting Austria Facts

Thursday, November 14th 2013. | Countries

One of the European countries that you can learn in the post below is explained in Austria facts. Austria is well known with its world war I. The capital city of this country is located in Vienna. It is beautiful city that you can see in the world. One fourth of the population lives here. Find out more facts about Austria in the following post below:

Austria Facts 1: Großglockner

Großglockner is called as the highest point in Austria. It has the elevation around 3797 meters.

Austria Facts 2: employment

The people in Austria live well. The Austrian men in Austria always find jobs. That’s why this country is ranked as the second country with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.



Austria Facts 3: Josef Madersperger

Josef Madersperger is a famous inventor in Austria because this man invented a sewing machine in 1818.

Austria Facts 4: currency

When you visit Austria, you need to know that euro is not considered as the main currency. Most people in Austria speak Germany because it is used as the official language in the country.

Austria and lake

Austria and lake

Austria Facts 5: Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the famous men who grow up as an Austrian citizen was Arnold Schwarzenegger. This man is a wonderful actor in Hollywood. He also became the governor of California.

Austria Facts 6: renewable sources

Austria is considered as a green country because more than 60 percent of electricity in the country is from the renewable sources such as wind or solar system.

Austria country

Austria country

Austria Facts 7: Ferdinand Porsche

Another famous person coming from Austria was Ferdinand Porsche. This man was the founder of the prestigious car company, Porsche.

Austria Facts 8: Austrian flag

One of the oldest national flags is coming from Austria. The flag was traced back from 1191. It was used by Duke Leopold V when he was in a battle of Acre.

Austria facts

Austria facts

Austria Facts 9: Imperial Treasury of the Hofburg

Imperial Treasury of the Hofburg is the home to the largest emerald in the world.  It has the weight around 2860 carat.

Austria Facts 10: Schönbrunn Palace

One of the most magnificent places in Austria is Schönbrunn Palace. This palace is so big since it has 1,440 rooms. It is considered as the summer palace of the Habsburgs. If you want to visit the oldest zoological garden in the world, you can just have to visit Tiergarten Schönbrunn. This garden was established in 1752.



Vienna’s Central Cemetery is the largest one in Austria. You will be amazed because it contains 2.5 million tombs. There are many famous people buried in the cemetery. Some of them include Schubert, Brahms, Beethoven, Schoenberg, Gluck and Strauss. What do you think on facts about Austria?

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