10 Interesting Eating Placenta Facts

Thursday, October 23rd 2014. | Health

Eating Placenta Facts reveal the idea about maternal human placentophagy. Maybe you are not familiar with the term, placentophagy. This activity is done when a mother consuming their placenta.  In United States, the placenta is created in placenta pills that can be consumed by the mother easily. Find out the detail facts about eating placenta in the following post below:

Eating Placenta Facts 1: the land mammals

Actually the practice of eating placenta is not occurred on humans and camels. But it occurs on the common land mammals in the world.

Eating Placenta Facts 2: the first report

Let’s find out the first report of animal eating placenta.  There is an account stating that a female macaque monkey ate her own placenta in 1930s.

Animal Eating Planceta

Animal Eating Planceta

Eating Placenta Facts 3: Mark Kristal

One of the experts in this field was Mark Kristal. He was a behavioral nonscientist who studies this matter for more than 20 years.

Eating Placenta Facts 4: the culture

It is not easy to find out the culture of the eating placenta in the world. There is no such tradition in the world. But men consumed the dried placenta medicine as a traditional in China 600 years ago. This dried placenta was called as the Chinese traditional medicine.

Eating Placenta Benefits

Eating Placenta Benefits

Eating Placenta Facts 5: the first human eating placenta

There was an account created in 1972 which stated the first report of the human eating their placenta. It was held at the communal birth setting.

Eating Placenta Facts 6: eating placenta in United States

The trend of Placentophagy began to rise in United States at the end of 1970s and 1980s. It was very popular during the home birth movement. Get facts about pregnancy here.

Eating Placenta Pic

Eating Placenta Pic

Eating Placenta Facts 7: Placenta Benefits

Placenta Benefits are spreading around United States. At first, it was called as a taboo thing to do. Now there are more than 300 certified placenta encapsulations that can be consumed safely by mothers.

Eating Placenta Facts 8: placentophagy

Placentophagy becomes a trend in the American society because it gains a lot of coverage in the magazine, celebrity and Dr Oz show.

Eating Placenta Pills

Eating Placenta Pills

Eating Placenta Facts 9: placenta size

The production of pills from placenta is very easy to do because of the size of placenta. It usually comes in a sixth of the baby’s size. The people can get 100 to 200 pills.

Eating Placenta Facts 10: Megacare

Megacare is one of the greatest producers of placenta pills. They are created from the New Zealand sheep. The company is based in Las Vegas.

Eating Placenta Facts

Eating Placenta Facts

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