10 Interesting Obesity Facts

Tuesday, September 10th 2013. | Human

If you want to stay healthy, it is better for you to concern more on obesity facts. You can improve the health if you can lower the weight. The obese people are more risky to have the chronic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure. Many people are wrong when it comes about the definition of obesity and overweight. Many of them think that obesity and overweight are similar. Find out more about the definition on the following facts:

Obesity Facts 1: Overweight People

The people are called as an overweight people if their body mass index fall between 25 and 29.9. BMI is counted based on the ratio between your height and weight. Look at human body facts to know the impact of obesity.

Obesity Facts2: Obese

Obese is the term to call the people whose BMI is higher than 30.  To decide whether you are an obese, overweight or healthy weight person, you need to use the BMI calculator.

Man with Obesity

Man with Obesity

Obesity Facts 3: BMI

It is very important for the people to know their BMI. You need to make sure that you can get the exact measurement for the height and weight. If your BMI is 30 or more, you need to lower the weight to avoid any healthy impact in the future.

Obesity Facts 4: Increased Obesity

The people are so busy so that they do not have much time to think about the healthy lifestyle. They only think about the instant food. Obesity is increased since 1980s in Canada.  It is estimated that 25 percent Canadians are obese.

Obesity and Disease

Obesity and Disease

Obesity Facts 5: Children with Obesity

The parents who always take their children outside to eat food have to find out that their children are risky with obesity. There are 9 percent Canadian children with obesity. The children have to struggle hard because some of them are addicted with junk food and fast food.

Obesity Facts 6: Risk of Obesity

When people are end up in obesity and do nothing to lower the weight, They are susceptible to some chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2, hearth disease, stroke, high blood pressure, breathing problem, cancer and gallbladder disease. Mental health is also risky for obese people. Look at depression facts for more explanation.

Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts 7: Risk of Healthy Problem in Daily Life

The people with obesity have to face some problems in their daily life. The risk to experience osteoarthritis, back pain and sleep apnea is higher. It will be hard for the obese people to get a high quality sleeping at night.

Obesity Facts 8: Mental Impact

You are wrong if you think that the obese people only struggle with physical problem. They have to struggle with emotional and mental problems too. They feel isolated and depressed because of the big weight. Most of them have low self-esteem.



Obesity Facts 9: Fertility

Infertility is higher for the men and women with obesity. The men cannot produce healthy sperm.

Obesity Facts 10: Causes of Obesity

There are several causes that make people face obesity.  The poor diet, genetic issue and lack for exercise are the main causes.



It is better for you to maintain healthy lifestyle. You can work out each day. Do you have any question related to the facts about obesity?

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