10 Interesting Earth Day Facts

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Earth Day facts should never be left behind. The day forms the base on the social activists to preserve the earth. Earth day is celebrated on April 22. It is day that you need to note for you have to thankful for the mother earth gives us comfortable place to live. Since earth is very important to the life of human being, we need to keep it safe. But what do you know about your planet? Probably you do not know much about for you never think about it.

Earth Day Facts 1: First Earth Day

You might wonder when the first earth day was ever celebrated. It was on 22 April 1970. Since this day, many people celebrate it each year.

Earth Day Facts 2: Origin of Earth Day

Even though earth day was initially celebrated in 1970, it became popular worldwide in 1990. The day was originated in Unites Stated of American.

Earth Day Facts

Earth Day Facts

Earth Day Facts 3: Disney Movie

A movie from Disney telling us the story of four animal families who have to migrate was aired on Earth Day 2009. This is a documentary movie used to celebrate the earth day.

Earth Day Facts 4: Protest on Earth Day

An environmental movement was conducted as a result of a protest on the first Earth Day in 1970. The streets of America had been occupied by more than 20 million as a protest for the industrial revolution which caused negative impacts on earth. Another negative technology on the environment is seen on nuclear power facts.

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Facts 5: Earth Day Activities

When the earth day comes, people will gather to clean the streets by removing the scattered plants, trees and garbage. They want to plan for a safe and clean planet for the future. The coral reef will be cleaned from any garbage to make the fish and other inhabitants live well. The petition and show movies can be seen in this day too.

Earth Day Facts 6: Gaylord Nelson

The founder of earth day is Gaylor Nelson. He established the day to celebrate the earth while he was still in the position of US senator.

Earth Day Protest

Earth Day Protest

Earth Day Facts 7: Official Name

The earth day has affected the thought of the people not only in America but also in other countries in the world. In 2009, an international mother earth day is officially used as the new name for earth day by UN.

Earth Day Facts 8: Celebration of Earth

The celebration of earth day is for a week in some communities and schools for they want to focus more on the future plan to save the earth. Read global warming facts to make you concern more with our environment.

Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day Facts 9: Emission Decline

The people in China also concerned to preserve the earth. In 2012, more than 100,000 Chinese people had a road bike to save the fuel and declined the CO2 emission which could lead to global warming.

Earth Day Facts 10: Plants

One of the main activities in Earth day is growing new plants. In 2011, Afghanistan land was planted with more than 28 million of trees. People planted a hundred threatened orchids in Panama.

First Earth Day

First Earth Day

People should realize the important of earth day. Even though it is only celebrated once in a year, you can make it occurred each day by preserving the earth. By learning the facts about earth day, you know that you need to present a safe environment for the next generation.

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